What I want…

Hello again, folks! Its been some time since I last wrote something.
I haven’t been in the mood to write anything and I’ve been back and forth from the hospital. Nothing serious, so don’t worry.
Still searching for a job. no success yet. But I’ll just keep searching, sooner or later I must find something!?! Right?!? No I don’t become depressed about that anymore, sure its like someone is constantly pulling away your legs when you try to get up. But I’m trying to be positive that even I can get a job. Even if its hard to be positive sometimes.

I’m not playing anything at the moment. Mostly since I don’t have any will to play right now and the fact I don’t have anything I want to play. I am thinking about replaying Grandia 1, but the controller for our PSone is broken so I can’t play. And I’ve lent out my PS2 to a friend at my fathers work. So yeah, no good idéa. And other than that I really want a PS3 even more now! So its I guess its time to give candy and soda a a big fuck you, and save the money that is spent on that. I really need to stop with crap like sweets and shit like that anyway. So even if its not much money I’ll be saving its at least a step in the right direction. It will take time, but it will be worth it. Totally.

So I’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings, hopefully I’ll at least get some cash when I turn 24, and it will all go into the PS3 collection funds. People who know me, I only wish for money! ;)
I’ve started to listen to Nightwish newest album, Dark Passion Play. Its a shame Tarja lefet, but I really like the new singer and the new sound that Nightwish have. I like Nightwish more now than before. Bye Bye Beautiful is a great song.

And I’ve beging watching the newest Gundam series, called Gundam 00. It has to be one of the best animated animes ever. It looks fantastic. So I’m going to follow it and hope its good. I’m watching, Those Who Hunts Elves. Just to see a fantasy seriers. Wonder why there are so few “RPG” fantasy animes.
Magic Knight Rayearth is still the best IMO.

Well now I’ve gotten to written what I did, so I’m going back to try and finish making my new video. So see ya all later!

Leaving you with a picture of the up coming 40GB PS3.

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been in and out of the hospital. :/ Hope you’re doing better now though.

    Ah yes, the PS3… Will get one later. Much later. I’m currently waiting for my PSP Slim that has been delayed 5 times so far, in less than 2 weeks. :P Yey.

    I have a new rule when it comes to candy. I can only eat candy during the weekends when I’m off work. That’s every other weekend. And that’s pretty good I think. :) Otherwise, I am not allowed to eat candy, no matter how much I want it. ;)

  2. Yeah, I’m much better now. Last thursdag was the last visit.
    WTH? I had thought you already had gotten your PSP Slim. Sorry to hear that is been delayed.
    Well I’ll see what the new PS3 pricings will be in in stores around me, if its good and I have the money i’ll buy one instantly. =)

    Yeah, I’m thinking about eating candy only on saturdays, like it was meant from the start… >_>
    But I’d rather use that money to the PS3 funds. Must cut back on all sweets, even if its hard. But I must do it before stuff get out of hands. I gotta keep thinking, candy now thats might last about 20 minutes, or money for a PS3 that will last me years (hopefully).
    So when thinking like that I get really motivated. ^^

  3. Motivation is good. ^_^

    Well, had I ordered the black PSP Slim I would’ve had it by now. But I want the silver one, and that one has been delayed this many times. :P Oh well.

  4. Aha, I see.
    Yeah, it seems like the Silver PSP slim is really popular.
    There are rumors of a Silver PS3 in the making. So maybe thats something for you to? :)

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