Yo, yo! What’s happening livejournal folks? Nothing new has happened at my place.
I’m currently just thinking about how much I want a DS lite now.
Still having some problems to figure out what color I want. White or Black?
I think the white one is more stylish, or how to put it… And the Black one looks just as delicious. So I’m a bit confused.

And what do you guys think about this skin? Is this something you would have bought for your DS? It would go very well with a Black DS Lite. But that’s what I think….

Ohh, well. I guess I’ll just see what happens. Can you folks tips me on any good DS games? And please tell me why I should buy them. :)

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  1. I bought the white one. :) Would be cool if they made a silver one, then you wouldn’t have to choose. ;) A perfect blend of white and black.
    Anyways, games to buy: Tetris DS, New Super Mario Bros and juicy RPGs. The only ones I have so far (but haven’t gotten to play yet) are Lunar Genesis, FF III and Children of Mana. Oh, and don’t forget Mario Kart DS! :D
    You might wanna check out rpgfan.com or rpgamer.com for upcoming games to the DS. RPGFan has quite a nice list. :)
    Now I’m off to play some FF IV! :D

  2. So what do you think about the White DS Lite? I think I’m going to but a white one.
    But still fighting my “inner demons” or so too say. XD

    I’m really thinking about getting Pokémon Pearl. Haven’t played a Pokémon game since Gold & silver where new. So I thought I would give it a go.
    And thanks for the tips. I’ll go check out rpgfan & rpgamer. ^^

  3. Yeah, thats the major let down with the black DS. Dust, and fingertprints everywhere..
    No. I’ll go for the white one. Thanks. ^^
    Hopefully buy one at the end of this week.

  4. Yey! Good for you. ^_^ I hope to buy a Wii at the end of this month. I hope my paycheck is a good one, I need to buy three games, I wanna buy at least two soundtracks and then a Wii. That’s easily 4000 SEK, at least.

  5. Oh, that sound good. :D
    I at least hope I can get a Wii by the end of this year. I’m thinking of importing mine.
    So many games that comes out so much earlier in the US. And I’ve imported all my games since 2004 now.
    So It feels like its the natuaral way to go.

    BTW, any specefic soundtracks you want to buy? I’m still amazed at your soundtrack collection. :)

  6. Yeah, I started importing games in 2003, even though I didn’t have a modded PS2 until… 2006 I think it was. XD Anywho, I think I’ll buy the American PS3, it’s so much cheaper! It’s insane. The Wii I don’t know. Most of Nintendo’s games do get here, but yeah, we’ll see.

    Well, I have more than 30 soundtracks right now on my “must-buy-list”. There’s a lot of Suikoden (the collections of all kind) and other neat things. :) I’m dying to get my hands on Odin Sphere’s OST (but it hasn’t been released yet, since the game is released May 17th in Japan), Hitoshi Sakimoto made it and OMG – I love and adore him so much! ♥

  7. Yeah, I’m gonna get an American PS3 to. I wanna be able to play the PS2 games I have.
    And as you said it so much cheaper.

    Woah… That as alot.. Hitoshi Sakimoto… Hm..
    I feel like I’ve hear that name before. What more has he done?

  8. Aha! :D Then I’ve heard him from FF XII.
    Hey, thanks. Now I won’t have to spend an whole night trying to figure out who he was.
    *to lazy to use google, right now* ;)

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