Poster: Xeno Royale

Here I am with another one of my movie posters! This this its a crossover between Xenosaga & James Bond. Xeno Royale! The best action movie ever made! Tons of action, lots of chaos. Coming November XXXX!!

I wanted to to something about his hands, but I couldn’t. and I tried to fix the title text as much as I could. Its okay, but I hope to get better at this sort of thing in the future

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  1. That’s very cool! :D

    (I know I haven’t been able to give you the scan yet. I am sorry. I am overworked, stressed and love-sick. I will go away for a little more than a week, and then when I get back I am still on vacation, so I’ll definitely be able to fix it then. I hope you can bear with me.)

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