Oh… That’s nice

Somedays are better than others. And somedays are so bad yo wish you never got out of bed. Yesterday was a very good day, one of the best I’ve had this year. That I can remember at least.

So I swapped room with my sister yesterday, I know have a much bigger room. And I’m very happy with that, finally all my stuff fits! So that made me really happy. And thw whole family went out for dinner to celebrate my father & my little brother’s birthday. It was a very good day. And I had some candy an coca cola too. It was all great. Well the best part was still to come. My sisters boyfriends had bought himself a new DVD, so he game me his old divx DVD.
Wow! Okay it might not be much, but I thought the time of when people could give away something for freewas over (x-mas & birthdays not included). So I was wishing for a new DVD for x-mas, so now I can just wish for money.

Well all in all, Saturday was one of the better days of 2007. Too bad it had to come when this year is almost over.
But still. I’m glad that I can at least look back on 2007and say that at least one day was good. Oh, well enought of my rambling. Take care you all! *hugs*

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