I’m going to draw!

Yes, I feel like I have the inspiration I need. Hope it will last.
And many thanks to my friends nordiclania & Elden-Rucidor, they have ignited that spark I felt years ago. Just hope that spark is enough for me to be able to draw. I’m at least going to try and if its not to crappy I’ll upload it as soon as I have scanned it. So if you see this Elden, I’ll have to borrow your scanner later! :)
Hopefully I will start with this picture sometime this weekend, or perhaps even tomorrow. As soon as possible, at least. ^^

I know what I want to do. And only one person knows what it is, and is the only one who gets to know until I’m ready to show the final version of the picture. But I’ll gladly take any tips from people out there. I haven’t drawn anything since 2000-2002, so i’m a bit rusty. So every tip is very welcome.

And thank you very much nordiclania, for the wonderful gift art you made for me. I really like it. I think all who visits my site should see it so visit her DeviantART page.
Here is the LINK to the gift art she made for me. Its also the first gift art i have every received.

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  1. Yey! :D I’m happy you’re feeling inspired, it’s a great feeling. ^_^ can’t wait to see what you’ll be drawing. :)

    Don’t worry about not having drawn for a long time. I myself have had times in my life when I didn’t draw for ages, for different reasons. For example, I drew tons from 1999 to 2001 and then suddenly it came to a stop and I didn’t start again for real until 2004. And now, for the most time from August 2006 until just a few months ago, I drew nothing. So yeah, creativity comes and goes it seems, but somehow it doesn’t seem like you’re forgetting how to do things during that down-time, but more like you’re developing, even though you’re not really doing anything. Sounds strange? I think so too. ^^

    Very happy you like my gift, thanks for all the free advertisement! ;D

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