I am alive!!! Sort of…

Finally I’m back to posting. Its been a while. So whats been happening in my life then? Well not very much actually. Its been quiet adn boring. And I’ve been sick. Really sick.

It started around the 20th of August I got sick. I thought it was just a regular cold. Then on the 26th when I had understood it was not a normal cold, I went to see a doctor. And they keept me in the hospital untill the 30th August. I had to stay for 4days that is. I had gotten some virus in one of my tooths an it had spread to my jaw. I could almost open my mouth about an half cm. And if I had notgone to the doctor it could have been fatal… So I’m very thankfull to all the doctors who helped me get better.

Well a side from that whole scary incident, nothing much has happened really. I began longing for a new PSP since I sold of my old one. And today I actually got a new one. Or new and new… A better used one. One of my friends hadn’t used his PSP for ages, so I’m going to buy his. I all ready have it, so I’m gonna pay him later. Thanks mate I appreciate it.

Now I’m longing for Tales of The World, Brave Story and Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles. I’m probably gonna trade make a trade with another friend and get Tales of The World & Brave Story. And I’ll be getting Castlevania as soon as its out. Hopefully it will arrive before the 27th October. (my birthday)
So I took myself the liberty and translated the opening for the game, since the opening is in german. So I gave the movie english subtitles. Hope you like it.

Well thats about all. Going to play some Tales of Eternia now.
So take care everyone! Bye-bee!!!

4 responses on I am alive!!! Sort of…

  1. I already own Tales of Eternia to the PS, but I kinda want it for the PSP too, it’s such a good game. :)
    And I really hope you’ll like Brave Story too, I’m playing it right now and it’s wonderful.
    That virus in your tooth sounds very scary! O_o I’m happy you are oki. You never imagine things like that can happen. Glad to have you back. :)

  2. I started playing Eternia for the PS but never got very far.
    I had borrowed it from a friend, but he wanted it back. So I’m really happy that I’ll be able to finish it now.
    Yeah, I hope I’ll like Brave Story to. But I’m most certain I will.

    Mmm, it wasn’t fun. But thankfully everything is slowly returning to normal.
    Thank you very much, its good to be back. ^^

  3. Oh nice vid yaz.
    Hoppas jag får Tales of the World nästa vecka, nu behöver jag bara ett minneskort och det verkar vara slut överallt.

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