Hahaha… That didn’t go well

Haha… so I tried to draw something today.
It was doomed to fail. I didn’t get anything done. As soon as I held the pen, all the insperation I had dissapeared. This feels like the ultimate proof that I can’t drawn anymore. I’ll juts keep doing photomanipulations. That and making writing and making storys. I’ll leave all the drawing to my friend Elden-Rucidor.

Yeah, sure I’m a bit sad, since I have idéas I wanna do. But sadly they won’t be realised. I think I’m going to continue to draw weapons and armor, that actually works pretty well. Or at least did. Hope it still does. Well I’ll stick to writing storys to begin with. Perhaps start a little bit tonight. I really want to get something done on The Saga or Reconis. Mine and Elden’s fantasy series.

I also dug out an old book I bought in the end of 2005.
Its Also Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche. I bought this book just then Xenosaga III Also Spracht Zarathustra was announced. Since the Xenosaga games episode names are from Nietzsche’s books. And they all deal with some sort of topic he has in the books. I don’t remember very clearly now, do you want to know google it. Well as I was saying… I bought that book so I could read up on some of the stuff that might appear in Xenosaga III.
I never finished reading the book so I don’t know if there are any things in Xenosaga III that appear in this book. Not more than the name and Zarathustra.
So a good time to finish reading that book. ^^

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  1. Don’t give up completely! I try and draw so many times but it all turns to shit. But, you have to allow yourself to make mistakes, cause if you never do then you won’t ever develop either. :)
    I believe you’re gonna draw again.
    Maybe try doing one sketch a day, no matter how ugly you may think it turns out, at least you drew something. :) (I miss sketching, my sketch pad is at my parents’.)

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