Airman can’t be defeated!

Well I useually don’t post movie’s that I haven’t made. But this one got stuck to my head. Its a sprite/pixel video made with Megaman 2. And a really awesome song. Wish it was instrumental, but its still good.
So I just wanted to share it with ya all. Wish I could make a pixel video like this.

The video/song is about who he can’t defeat Airman. And how he looses his E-capsuals when he tries to defeat him and so on. Who cares!? just watch the video.

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  1. Also, maybe you already knew this and sorry if this makes me sound like a nitpick, but if you put a comma between the tags, you get separate ones. :) Instead of a bunch clumped up together I mean. ^_^ Unless you wanna have it like that of course! :D

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