Min mest sedda AMV

Förr i tiden gjorde jag en hel del AMV (Anime Music Video), men tyvärr så tog idéerna slut och jag visste inte riktigt vad jag skulle göra. Något som var riktigt trist för jag gillade verkligen det och det blev ju några stycken som ni kan se på min YouTube kanal.

Min mest sedda AMV är en Dragon Ball Z video jag gjorde för 9år sedan. Den har nu uppnått 1 392 711 visningar. Videon gjordes med klipp från olika spel intron, lite scener ifrån serien och med en tysk version av en av Dragon Ball Z låtar.
Det visade sig vara ett bra koncept som gick hem hos tyskarna, detta gjordes för jag kollade mycket på Dragon Ball Z på tysk tv när jag var yngre. Föredrar själv helt klart den tyska versionen av serien framför någon annan version, ja även framför den Japanska. (Ogillar Gokus röst något otroligt på Japanska).
Hur som helst här är videon om ni vill se.

Det är själv en video jag inte lade ner speciellt mycket tid på, men ändå har den fått så här mycket visningar. Finns ju andra videos jag har gjort där man verkligen lagt ner hur mycket tid som helst på, som folk knappt tittat på. Tror också det var lite av det som dödade mitt intresse för att göra AMVs. Vi får se vad som sker i framtiden, för jag skulle gärna vilja sitta och göra sådant igen. Har ju åtminstone en video jag vill göra och det är en remake på en av de videos jag har gjort, fast med HD upplösning och helt enkelt bättre gjord. En vacker dag kanske den kommer.

Anime Intros I like #05

It was a while since I did a post like this, there has been many new anime series airing and I’ve gotten a few new favorite intros. I like them for various reasons, it can be the song, the video intro or both together. Just so you know.

Attack on Titan: Junior High
A great parody on on the creators behalf, they sort of reenact the shows first intro. Both in video and in it’s song, but with a bit of a twist if you so will. Still haven’t watched the original series, but this one I highly enjoy.

Shomin Sample
A cute song I’ve become a bit addictive too. The muscular men scare me though..

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Stylish opening and action packed, I love it!

Here’s Bloodstained!

I’ve longed for a new Castlevania game in the vein of Symphony of The Night and of course the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS games. They are some of my favorite games of all time. We have been getting a lot of ”Metroidvania” games lately, which is nice! But I’ve never fallen as much in love with them as I have with Koji Igarashi’s Castlevania games. But since he left Konami some time ago, he can’t make anymore Castlevania games and I’m pretty sure Konami can’t make them own their own, the Lords of Shadows games were okay at best. I myself vastly prefer the PlayStation 2 Castlevania games, something I seem to be somewhat of a minority to like.

Either way, Mr.Igarashi is back and he brought a Kickstarter with him for Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. Sadly there are no gameplay, but a lot of concept art of the characters and man I’m really looking forward to this, the game has already reached its funding of 500.000 dollars. So it confirmed to come out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So all extra money they get now is to fill the game, with a lot of extra stuff. One of the things I’m looking forward to most is that Michiru Yamane is onboard with this project. She did the music for SOTN and a bunch of Castlevania games after that one. This is very important to me, her music is very important for the right feel, at least for me.

The video he put up together with the Kickstarter is great and you can see it at the end if this post.
So much awesomeness if you like cheesy stuff and Castlevania. I wish I could back this project at a higher level than the digital version, would love to have a physical version of this game, but forking out 60bucks isn’t possible now, not with all the other stuff I want. Hopefully they will release a physical version later, that isn’t just for Kickstarters. If they do, then I’ll be getting that one too.

The best birthday present ever!

It will soon be the 27th October and that means I will turn 31. A year older and a year wiser as they might say, haha. Well not so sure about the last part, but at least older. And today I was moved, I’m still at a loss for expressing my gratitude.
My friends banded together and got me something I’ve wanted for a long, long time. Or rather I wanted to regain something that I lost a long time ago. This year marks 20years since I got the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger for Christmas and my friends got me the Legacy Dragon Dagger. And my emotions are all over the damn place! The original Dragon Dagger was my favorite Power Rangers toy when I was a child and I’ve always loved to, so to finally have it again has made me happy beyond words. I really can’t express how I feel, but hopefully I can get though a bit more in the second episode of YazTalks.

Xenoblade and Smash Bros

I have finally started playing Xenoblade Chronicles, I wonder how long I have waited to do that? And it feels great to have started, I love most Monolith Softwares games well at least the ones with Xeno in the title and I really had to play this one too. Since I’ve heard so many good things about it, even from people who normally don’t play JRPG’s. I’m not very far into the game, since I’ve lost myself in doing errands and checking out the huge world and I’m betting I’ve seen nothing yet. There are huge plains and fields in this game and the game really gives you a great feeling of traveling long was. This is both good and bad, since it takes a while to get too places. But once you’ve unlocked a place you can fast travel there.
The music so far is awesome! I especially like the track ”You Will Know Our Names” it’s so good! Especially around the the 1minute mark, good god! My ears are in heaven! I love music like this! Ahh!! Going to play a bit more in just a bit, need to play what I can since I start working again this Thursday.

Today there was also an announcement about some new characters joining the new Super Smash Bros game. Which got me really excited since there was a rumor and a ”leak” that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles would join the cast. We still don’t know if this is true or not, but we got two new Fire Emblem characters and a reveal that Captain Falcon is returning. We got Luciana and Robin (both male and female) as new players and Chrom seems to be Robin’s final smash.

You thought this was something ordinary…

I’ve really fallen for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It was an anime I honestly I couldn’t stand, but it turns out I enjoyed it very much. And I can see why so many others have been a fan of Jojo. I started to watch this series in November last year and I’m currently watching the third season that’s called ”Stardust Crusade”.

I enjoy the fighting, both it and it’s characters are so over the top sometimes that I can’t help but love it! It’s hard to explain this show, without going into all the good stuff and its those things you should see for yourself. I’m actually very interested in the PlayStation 3 game that came out sometime ago, mostly because of the show. So I might get that in the future too.

Well the series is about the Joestar family and their cursed struggle with Dio Brando a man who was one taken in an treated like a fellow member in the Joestar family. Jonathan Joestar and Dio where friends at first, but Dio grew jealous of Jonathan an wanted everything for himself. He comes into contact with an old stone mask, that has the power to turn you into a vampire. Dio uses it on himself and is forever transformed, he had fallen and he likes his new dark powers. This is what sparks the ”eternal” fued between the Joestar’s and Dio, this series really takes a few timeskips over its course. We’ll get to see Jonathan’s grandchild, Joseph Joestar as a youngster and we see him to grow up into an old man, with a grandchild of his own, Jotaro Kujo. I won’t spoil anything more, but go watch it. Its a really great show.

Tales of Hearts R coming west!

While it could be a video that leaked out before time, Tales of-series producer Hideo Baba has confirmed that Tales of Hearts R will be released in the west!
Bandai Namco but up a video on their YouTube channel but marked it as private pretty fast, but thanks for the internet folks who are fast. We still have the video too watch.

About a week ago GameStop in the US, put up a preorder for this game. With it coming in winter 2014, so its great to get a confirmation of it really coming. I am really looking forward to this game, will have to get a hold of a new PlayStation Vita for this game. As soon as there is more info, I and other Tales of-fans will share it!

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