Tales of Xillia is great!

So far I’m in love with Tales of Xillia! It’s everything I had hoped for and right now I don’t have any complaints. So as I thought, for me its a good candidate for Game Of The Year for me. Too be honest I’ve spent around 33hours in the game and most of them I’ve been doing sidequests and stuff. And playing around with attachments. As you can see in the picture here beside I have given Milla glasses and elf ears, they really suit her.

I also love it that you can get different hair styles in the game, in past Tales of games characters would only change their hair if they got a new costume to wear. Well not anymore! Sure if you get (buy) new costumes you get a new hair styles, but you can change back to the characters regular hair. So you can mix and match! I bought Millas swimsuit to get her hair in a ponytail and because it was a swimsuit. Shut up!
This is something I really like and appreciate in games, I can spend hours with stuff like this to try and mix and match. As soon as I can afford I’ll get more of the DLC stuff. Damn you Namco!
A bit pissed that I’ll probably never get Cress and Stahn DLC, for those who don’t know it’s the main characters of the first two Tales of games.

The combat is great and I do like the Link-system. Music is pretty great too, I just about like everything about the game. If I must complain about something, the only thing right now I can think of is the lack of a world map. Sure the way its made in Tales of Xillia is good, you walk cross “corridors” so to speak. But after a while you can teleport to the places you want to go, just like in Tales of Graces f. I’m already looking forward to Tales of Xillia 2 next year and of course
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. And I do really hope that in new entries in the Tales of series, will continue to use and expand upon Tales of Xillia’s attachment’s because as I said I sure do like that!

Tales of Xillia acquired!

I finally have Tales of Xillia, happy days!! The long wait is finally over! I am so damn happy right now! Woo! Gotta get the snacks ready and then I’m off to Rieze Maxia and save the world!

Take care everyone! See you all soon again! :D

Tales of Xillia tomorrow!!

I’m getting so hyped!! I just have to survive today and then tomorrow I’ll finally get the game I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time!
I’ve had zero success about finding an early copy, damn! Hehe, well you can’t win them all. But thankfully I have some stuff that I need to do today, so hopefully it will make time fly. Well at least I’ve prepared some snacks for tomorrow, it’s going to be yummy! Yum, yum.

So much to do! And so much to be done!

Damn, I’m almost at the end of my third vacation day and I’ve already done so much. And I still have a few stuff planned for this week. Tomorrow I am going to help a friend buy some cleaning tools for his apartment and check if the last owner really cleaned the apartment like they should have. Then on Friday I’m going to meet another one of my friends, that I hardly spend anytime with. Saturday is also booked by other various things. And on Sunday me and two other friends are going to go watch Pacific Rim! My most anticipated movie of the year! Hopefully it will be awesome, it will be glorious.

And then I am really going to take it easy next week, I really need that. And then next Friday (9th), it is finally time for me to get my hands on Tales of Xillia!! YES!!! I’m turning of my phone and will shut myself in that day. I’m just going out to pick up my preorder and then rush back home and then it’s playtime! For now I have taken a bit of a break from my Playstation 3 and are playing a bit in my 3DS and right now I am playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
A pretty fun game so far. I think this so far is the perfect balance for me, Sony and Nintendo. I got most of what I want from them.

Hopefully my review copy of Saints Row IV will arrive soon and then I’ll be busy with that. But right now life really feels great. It feels really good, right now, today. Hopefully it will feel just as good tomorrow and the day after that. I really am starting to enjoy life, with all it’s quirks and shits. It could be worse and it has been worse, it’s time to focus on the good stuff and try to leave the ugly past behind. That is much easier said than done, mind you. But at least it feels like I have the power to be able to get away from it a bit. And that my friends feels fantastic!

And I’ll leave you all with a song I’ve been listening non-stop to for the last couple of days! Enjoy!

One more week to go!

AHH!!! Just one more week to work and them I have a three week vacation! How I look forward to that! I’m starting to feel really tired and to get a chance to recharge my batteries would be great. I’m just going to take it easy and just relax, not going to think about work once.
And then into my second vacation week, I finally get to put my hands on Tales of Xillia! I am eagerly awaiting that game! I want it and I want it now! I might even get the Collectors Edition of the game, that is if where I’m getting it from will get any in stock. If not it’s just the regular version for me then.

For the last couple of days I’ve seem to have hurt my neck while sleeping, It’s been aching like hell and I could hardly turn my head. Thank god it’s getting better now, it still aches a bit but it is getting better. So it wasn’t anything serious, thankfully. Other than that I am actually feeling pretty good, it has been some time since I’ve felt this good. So I am really hoping it will continue like this.

Last time I posted I told y’all that I had finished The Last of Us (great game!) after that I started playing Deadpool. I needed something funnier to get rid of the somewhat heavy feeling from TLOU, and Deadpool really delivered in the funny department. I am a big fan of Deadpool, I’ve have read most of the comics and enjoyed them very much. And I think High Moon Studios capture the funny stuff really well. I’m not all that sure about gameplay, I wasn’t too fond of that actually. But the game is definitely worth a try if you can borrow it. Deadpool is also the 86th Playstation 3 game that I have finished, gotta get a hundred at least! But that won’t be a problem. =)

Animals, Movies and such

Today or rather yesterday, since it’s already past midnight here. I went to Skånes Djurpark, to watch all the animal. But I was somewhat disappointed when it came to my attention that the only had nordic animals there. I was expecting, tigers and such… Still it was pretty nice, I’ll try to post some pictures later.

And when I got home I was greeted by the wonderful news that Tales of Xillia 2 will get localized for both Europe and America. It will be released in 2014 and with that we are getting three Tales of games in 2014. The Playstation 3 is still.going strong and I’ll probably be using it for years to come.

Me and my friend Elden watched G.I Joe Retaliation, I liked it. They did Cobra Commander justice in this movie. Cool design, good voice, yeah me like. We also watched the classic Street Fighter movie, you know the one with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. Say with you will about it, but it is entertaining and Raul is awesome.
I made this gif animation from one of the funniest scenes from the movie, we both burst out laughing.


Start of July and what I’m doing

So we enter month seven of 2013. Just a little more than a month left until Tales of Xillia is released, I am so looking forward that! And about 20days left until my vacation starts, its going to be so nice to take it easy for three weeks.
But right now I’m not feeling so well, my stomache is acting up.

Thanks to “Skånekortet” I can travel around Skåne by bus and train. So this upcoming weekend me and a couple of friends are going to Skånes djurpark, I’m looking forward to that. Its been an eternity since Iast visited a zoo.
A shame I don’t have much money, since I was invited to a friend who lives far away. He has offered to pay for half the tickets, but I can’t accept that.
I don’t want to borrow/loan money from people. I appreciate it, but it wouldn’t feel good for me.
So I hope we can meet in the future.

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