Tankar om Final Fantasy VII remake

Så länge jag kan minnas så har det alltid önskats en remake på Final Fantasy VII. Så fort det varit ett stort tv-spels evenemang som E3 eller liknande har folk alltid sagt, i år är det äntligen dags! Men varje år har de blivit besvikna för de hajpat upp sig för inget. Men E3 2015 var året då Square Enix äntligen utannonserade Final Fantasy VII remake. Som väntat så blev folk vilda och jag för första gången började visa intresse för FFVII.

Har aldrig varit ett fan av originalet, det tilltalade mig aldrig som det gjort så många andra. Där emot föll jag för Crisis Core: FFVII som utspelar sig innan FFVII. Mycket tack vare man fick spela som Zack, en karaktär jag gillar så mycket mer än Cloud. Plus man fick se Sephiroth i spelet innan han blev koko i skallen. Karaktärerna i övrigt har väl varit lagom intressanta, men då spelet aldrig riktigt klickat har inte karaktärerna gjort det heller. Något jag hoppas kanske ändras i och med remaken.
Barret har fått sig en liten om design och ser väl rätt bra ut tycker jag, läste det var någon som tyckte att han gick från Mr.T till Blade. Det kan jag väl iofs inte se som något negativt själv. Läste någonstans att ändringen gjordes för att han blev så förknippad med just Mr.T, hur sant det är det dock vet jag ej.
Men det ska bli spännande att se om det är fler karaktärer som designas om något.

Något jag verkligen gillade är att spelet verkar ha ett mer action basera stridssystem, missförstå mig inte nu. jag gillar turordningsbaserade spel, men jag tror detta kommer passa spelet perfekt. Förhoppningsvis betyder det också att vi slipper random encounters, det om något har jag verkligen tröttnat på i JRPG.
Ser fram emot tills vi får se mer av spelet, men det blir ju helt klart något jag kommer köpa dag ett. Det trodde jag nog aldrig jag skulle säga om FF7 det, men jag ser fram emot förändringarna mycket tack vare det inte har ett nostalgist värde av mig från början. Så jag är väl mer öppen till förändringarna än andra. Men jag hoppas på det bästa och vill se mer.

E3 2015: The show so far

Now that both Microsoft and Sony’s show is over, lets see what where some of the highlights for me. I liked Microsoft’s event this year, first time ever I think. They where focused and it felt like they finally knew what they where doing, a bunch of great announcements. The first gameplay of Rise of The Tomb Raider was awesome.
The Rare collection which includes 30 titles from Rare, that’s a lot of quality games you get there. They announced that Xbox One would become backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games, which probably was my biggest surprise and something I think is great. The Minecraft / Hololens demo was pretty fucking awesome I must say.

Sony re-revealed The Last Guardian, guess it wasn’t canceled. I for one don’t care for the game at all, but I know a lot of other folks do, so I’m happy for them. Creator of Shenmue, Yu Suzuki revealed a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3, never thought I’d see the day. But then they went and revealed something I never thought I would see ever and that was the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Yes, they are finally remaking that game. I’m not a FFVII fan, I liked the game sure, but it’s not my favorite and I liked Crisis Core more. But I still got very excited over this news. They showed a lot of stuff that doesn’t interest me as much, but we got to see the first gameplay of Uncharted 4 and it looked good.

And now for two things that was not show in any of the press events, PlatinumGames is making Transformers: Devastation and it looks awesome! Really looking forward to that.

And I just check my Twitter just a short while ago, to see them having announced that they are releasing the 20th anniversary DualShock 4 controller separately! This might not a very big deal, but damn I’m in love with that color and the colored Home button. It really gets the nostalgia in me flowing, I need this controller. I’m going to get this controller when it is released in September. I’ve also wanted a second controller for a while, so this will be my new main controller and the other will be Player 2 controller.

Some really great stuff and so far one of the better E3 in a while. And let’s not forget we still have Nintendo’s and Square Enix event to see later today. But right now I need some sleep.

A few Tales of games rumor

Today I heard a rumor I really hope is true… and that is that there will be a Tales of Symphonia HD Collection. It would include both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World. It is rumored that it will be released.on Playstation 3.

I would like to play ToS2 with a real controller instead of the Wii-mote. For me it really brought down the game for me, I had a  hard time enjoying the fighting in the game because of it. Others say the game is crap either way, but I enjoyed what I played of  it. Everything but the controller.

In the same rumor it is also said that Tales of Xillia 2 will be translated too. So I really hope those rumors are true. They come from a Spanish site, where they’ve had an interview with Hideo Baba where he has hinted about these things.

Lunar SSH, not what I hoped…

I’ve been playing RPGs now since 1999 and it all started with Lunar Silver Star Story for Playstation 1. I have said this a thousand times, that it was my very first jrpg. And love at first sight, everything was so new to me and it felt great. I had a very hard time at that point in my life, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue living… It was bad, but Lunar SSSC changed that for a bit. I found the adventures that jrpg had to be most filling, at least filling a part if me that continued to cary on. So the Lunar series helped me with some of my problems, so it is indeed a very important game for me.

That is why I am mostly dissapointed with the PSP remake, that came out a couple of years ago. I think ut was also released on IOS fairly recently. I was sad from the start that Gaijin Works (used to be Working Designs) had nothing to do with this new English translation. It really missed all the good stuff, the new voiceactors are trrible in their roles. And I do like the voiceactors, very much so. But not for the characters or Lunar, I feel like they are missing their soul, or something like that.
The PSP version is too easy, I’ve never had any trouble getting through the game. And I did it fast to, it tiok me 22hours… Now this could just have been because the PS1 game was my first jrpg, but it took me 61hours to complete. And I was about 20-30levels higher than I was when facing the last boss in the Ps1 version and I still had problems with him. While I was around level 44 now and beat him with ease.
This can be me having gained more experience in the genre, but I was so dissapointed with the clear time and how easy the boss fell. Now I only feel sad, I do not like this remake. And now I am afraid to play the PS1 version again, I rather have my memory of it being the game I love, than it ending up dissapointing me.

Maybe I have outgrown the series, maybe its just a really crappy remake. Maybe the PS1 version is equally as bad? I honestly don’t want to think so and I don’t want to find out. I’ll keep the warm memory of the game untarnished and continue to love it like I used to. I’m not picking up the PSP version again at least.
Ahh… I really needed to clear my head from all these thoughts.


XSEED Games has just announced that they are releasing the PSP remake of Lunar Silver Star Story in the US! This is the most awesome news I’ve heard in awhile! Honestly I’m super hyped. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for Playstation 1 was the game that made me love RPGs. So of course it holds a special place in my heart.
I love that game, I truly do. And I’m getting this remake ASAP. I must have it.