It’s meme time again! 2009 edition

Just like last year my friend Lania, has a meme on her site. And I ”stole” that one to post myself and this year I’m doing the same thing. Why? Its sorta funny to do lists like this and I don’t have anything other to do right now. Here is 2008 meme list. some stuff on this list will probably make people think I’m a grumpy old fart, well that somewhat true. Its just that I have a hard time being positive and so much shit happens.


A new project

I just wanted to let people know that I’ve started a new project with my friends  och  .
We now the the site RPG-bloggen. So check it out. We will be writing about RPG’s and VG music in the site. All in swedish.
At least for now. We might expand an change the site later as we gain more experiance with this type of stuff. So I hope we will meet there. =)

The persian prince

Last christmas I got a really fine present from [info]nordiclania. (Thanks again. ^^)
I had gotten the new Prince of Persia game. Which I must say I like very much. Even it it has its flaws.. Well I finished the game just a moment ago. And I’m looking forward to the upcoming DLC for the game.
Gotta love the prince’s personality, well at least I do. And I’m currently trying to get all trophies in the game. Why? Well I have nothing betterto do. >_>

Both January and February so far have been boring as hell, I’m hoping that will change or I’m going to sleep. No money, nothing to do but game, which is nice but I’d like to meet some friends now and then too. Well guess that was all for this time… Take care.