Batman and the Music Meister

As some might now there is a Batman cartoon named Brave And The Bold. I’m not very fond of this show, but I just had to watch it this time. Since the awesome
Neil Patrick Harris is in it. This episode is called “Mayhem of the Music Meister”.
And yes, it is a musical. That’s why I decided to post part 1 of 3 of the episode here.
He drives us bats” became my favorite song. And I can’t stop listening to it.

Video was removed from Youtube. Sadly. =(

Batman finished!

And so I’ve cleared Batman Arkham Asylum. Good game. Much better than I expected or had ever hoped it to be. Still it got pretty repetitive sometimes. But I love being able to sneak up on enemies and silently take them out.
There is still a lot of things to find in the game, but I’ll save that for some other time. Then I know I’ll always have something to do, even if I don’t have new games.
I’ll give Batman Arkham Asylum 5/7. Its a good game, but its hardly perfect. I wished there would have been more boss fights, actually I was expecting it. Still one of the best best hero games I’ve played. I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow (later today) I’m gonna start playing Mini Ninjas and see if that’s a good game. Looking forward to it. Hope it turns out go0d too.
More on that later now its time for bed!


XSEED Games has just announced that they are releasing the PSP remake of Lunar Silver Star Story in the US! This is the most awesome news I’ve heard in awhile! Honestly I’m super hyped. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for Playstation 1 was the game that made me love RPGs. So of course it holds a special place in my heart.
I love that game, I truly do. And I’m getting this remake ASAP. I must have it.

Better late than never!

So since I don’t have very much to do, I’ve stared to watch Heroes. I normaly hate real tv-shows, if they are not comedy shows that is.
Well you hear everyone going, Heroes this, Heroes that! And yeah, its really awesome!
As I type this I’m going to start watching Episode 9 (season 1), that will be the fifth episode I watch today. Hopefully there will be more.
Well gotta run back now! I’ll update this later perhaps. No, i really gotta go now! Its exciting! :D

Update: So I started to watch Heroes from Episode 5 today, saw the other 4 yesterday. And now I’m going to beging watching episode 13. That’s pretty much tv watching. That’s almost 360minutes in front of the TV. Woo!
Can’t believe I’ve done that! Well I must say I’m loving the series. And I’m going to watch more tomorrow. Right now before I go to bed, I’m going to finish watching episode 13. Hope if doesn’t end to exciting, then I just might have to watch episode 14 too…. >_<

Transformers rocked!

So I went and saw Transformers. And it rocked!!
It has to be the movie with best visuals ever!! ILM really does know what they are doing. Now I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. I need that movie in my movie collection!
The only thing I can complain about is that Starscream did not get enough on-screen time. Other than that you have to see yourselves.


Till All Are One!

If you where born in the 80s and had a good childhood, you certainly know where that quote comes from. But I’ll tell you in case you are a few of those people who have no clue.
Its one of the most popular sayings in Transformers! Yes, Transfomers the robots in disguise! The film will soon have premier and I can’t just wait! God! The wait is killing me!
So I just needed too make a video! I just had to do something that was Transformers related! Well folks here it is!

Transformers – Till All Are One!

Finished the game..

And so my dear friends… The greatest saga of them all has come to an end. I finished Xenosaga Episode III, right now. And I’m filled with all sorts of feelings. I don’t care what anyone of you say, but the ending really touched me. And I cried a bit. My favorite game series has ended, and I do feel a bit empy. But thank you Monolith Soft and Namco and all other people involved with the Xenosaga games.
You’ve given me a really good time, and salute you for making the best game series out there.

Xenosaga will live forever!