Anime time!

So I’ve been watching Girls Bravo. An ecchi comedy anime. The first season was pretty good. It had some ecchi without going overboard. But in the 2nd season it was all about tits! Sure, some might thing that’s a good thing…
But when its the only that seems to matter in an anime I just get sick of it.

Hey, let’s give all the girls much bouncier boobs, and it will be a huge success!”.
Yeah, that pretty much wraps up how I think the producers thought about the 2nd season. So I’ll give that anime 5/10. And that is thanks to the 1st season.
So I’d ratter recommend DearS if you want an ecchi anime, that is both good and never goes overboard.


Well now I’m going to watch an anime series I’ve been wanting to watch forever! Keroro Gunso. I’ve seen 4 episodes before and I really liked it. We Pekoponians must beware Keroro, he will own us all!

Happy 1year anniversary!!

Hurray! Today is, Xenosaga Episode III Also Spracht Zarathustra 1year anniversary! It was released in Japan a year ago. Time really flies…
And on August 29th is the USA one year anniversary. Feels great. Its a shame it didn’t sell better. To few got to experience the wonderful world which was Xenosaga.

And yes! If people still do not get it I am a Xenosaga Freak!!
[image deleted]

Transformers rocked!

So I went and saw Transformers. And it rocked!!
It has to be the movie with best visuals ever!! ILM really does know what they are doing. Now I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. I need that movie in my movie collection!
The only thing I can complain about is that Starscream did not get enough on-screen time. Other than that you have to see yourselves.


Transformers soon

I’m just waiting and wanting the time to pass. I want it to be July 4th!
I want to see the movie now. But *sigh* I have to wait. And the wait is killing me.

Now I’m heading over to a friend of mine. I’ll stay at his place untill we have seen themovie. I might bring my computer along to his place. I haven’t decided yet!
Well folks, see ya around!

Till all are one

Poster: Xeno Royale

Here I am with another one of my movie posters! This this its a crossover between Xenosaga & James Bond. Xeno Royale! The best action movie ever made! Tons of action, lots of chaos. Coming November XXXX!!

I wanted to to something about his hands, but I couldn’t. and I tried to fix the title text as much as I could. Its okay, but I hope to get better at this sort of thing in the future

Till All Are One!

If you where born in the 80s and had a good childhood, you certainly know where that quote comes from. But I’ll tell you in case you are a few of those people who have no clue.
Its one of the most popular sayings in Transformers! Yes, Transfomers the robots in disguise! The film will soon have premier and I can’t just wait! God! The wait is killing me!
So I just needed too make a video! I just had to do something that was Transformers related! Well folks here it is!

Transformers – Till All Are One!

New logo! Hurray!

Finally! After much work. Well… Much work for me, who is not very good at designing stuff… Well *humpf* after much work my new logo is finished! It will now be my new user image on livejournal and on other pages I visit.

This new logo will also be featured in the next movie I’ll make, replacing the old one.
Well folks here it is! I’ve still kept the ”scorpion” design over this logo, I now feel my ”Scorpion Y logo” is more or less complete. If I myself can improve it further I will. ^^

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