Tales of Zestiria finished

Yesterday I beat the last boss of Tales of Zestiria and so the story comes to an end. I’ve spent about 45 hours with the game, in that time I’ve also done some sidequests. In my opinion it was time well spent and I had fun with the game. I have some sidequests left to do and I have to play Alisha’s story DLC, but for now I’m going to take a break from the game.

All in all it was an enjoyable game with a great gameplay, my biggest gripe with the game is the camera when you are in battle. Sometimes it has a life of it’s own and can sometimes the be the reason you loose a fight because it is so damn stupid. So I really hope they put some more time into the camera into the upcoming Tales of Berseria.
I wish we had gotten more back story on some of the characters, they set them up to be very interesting but in the end, nothing happens with that. And it’s a damn shame! I want to know what Lailah’s oath means, I want to know more about her. And I feel like that about all the characters, but then again I feel like this with most characters I like.

I really enjoy the fights that take place as soon as you touch an enemy, no more going to a separate battlefield. I hope they keep this one in the upcoming Tales of games, it’s one of my favorite additions to the series so far. The music is great in the game I hope Go Shiina can make more music for the Tales of games. His music in the element trails are some of the best in the game, it’s so different from anything else in the game. All in all a good game and one of my favorite games of the year, at least it didn’t disappoint me like some other games did. (I’m looking at you MGS5).

I’m almost at level 32!

I don’t know why, but lately everything just seems so bleak. I have it pretty good right now, but still I can’t seem to be happy. I’m just constantly being held back and drawn back to those older dark times. If I just could let go and forget, I would! It’s not that easy, people who has never experienced depression can’t understand this feeling. It’s not so easy to just, hey get a grip. So if you have comments like that, keep them to yourself. You are helping no one.
I hate feeling like this, I wonder if it’s because I hate myself? I hate what I am. I want to loose weight and get fit, but the motivation leaves me as soon as I get it. I hate my body, I hate it for my psoriasis, but mostly I hate that I can’t get anything done. Like with the motivation, I wish I could hold on to it and get something done. I feel so apathetic at times, I just lie and stare into a wall of the roof instead of doing something productive.

Well at least I got some of that out of head, tomorrow will surely bring some more fun. My work is arranging a bowling activity for us workers, so I’m going to that. But I’m not bowling tomorrow, it still hurts a bit from my operation. So I’ll be sitting it out, but it’s just fun to get out and hey! We get free good, so I can’t complain about that. When I get home I’m going to sit down and watch Sony’s press conference that they are having tomorrow, so don’t spoil anything for me, okay?

And like all or at least most gamers know, when we talk about level up it’s of course a birthday we are talking about. And mine is just around the corner, it’s my birthday tomorrow too. I will probably not be celebrating it, but then again I’d like to do something with my friends. But I’m not sure.
Last year was probably the best birthday in ages and I received one of my most precious belongings. you can read it here. That was also the first time in a very long time, I haven’t hated a birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike getting older. It’s just that birthdays for me has never been especially happy, same with Christmas. So that’s why I really don’t care about them.
So we’ll see what happens, but for now I think I’ll just go to bed or something.

Early birthday gifts!

Today is a day I’ve waited a long time for! Finally Tales of Zestiria is released and I have my copy of the game! But that is not all, today is even the release of Dragon Quest Heroes. I think I’m set for the foreseeable future right now.

This is an early birthday present to myself. No way I could wait another 11 days to play it on my birthday. Not to fix some quick things and then gaming is on the schedule for the entire weekend. Which suits me just fine, since I can to much else since my lite operation. I just have to take it easy and not move around too much, which is easier said than done.

Operation, Transformers and stuff

I was in and did a mini operation last Friday, it went well I am feeling fine. It was nothing big or dangerous. I didn’t do this because of some danger to myself either, it was just something that had to be done to enhance my quality of life. It wasn’t a Gastric Bypass operation either, since I believe I can loose weight if I really work hard at it. Something I’ll start doing once I’m healed.

I won’t go into details on the operations, it’s hard to talk about. Some people can guess and probably guess right. The important thing is that it went well and I’m feeling fine. I don’t have a lot of pain, next to none really. But I do feel sore and I do feel some nausea from time to time. I want to give a really big warm thank you to my buddy Elden, who helped me with various things on the day of operation. And being company at home and looking over me, if there was any complication. Really man, thank you.

Now I’m just waiting to everything to heal, so I can be back 100%. Will be doing some other stuff at work for the time being, while I heal. So it will be nice when I can return to my normal work later. But for now this comes as a good break from the usual stuff I do. Sometimes its great to focus on other stuff.

In the meantime I’m spending time with Transformers Devastation, while I’m healing. Great game so far! I’m really enjoying it, will probably write something about it later. Keep your eyes open. I’ve also gotten my first Amiibo, it is Zerosuit Samus. Which I really dig.
Figma Link: A Link Between Worlds Looking forward to next week, it finally time for Tales of Zestiria!! How I’ve waited for that game! The wait is soon over, I’m really starting to feel hyped now. Well that’s a lie, I’ve been hyped for some time now. ;)
Next year I need to buy a new figurine. Figma is releasing a new The Legend of Zelda, Link figure. This time it is based of A Link Between Worlds, Link!! So his design is more like in the Oracle of Ages/Seasons games and A Link To The Past. In other words, my favorite design for Link!! This is something I really want, hopefully you can preorder it soon.

Tales of Destiny PS1 vs PS2

So I’ve slowly started playing Tales of Destiny for the the PlayStation 1, I haven’t played it much before. So I was hoping I could play through it before Tales of Zestiria comes out, but that will probably not happen. Mostly because I will probably not have much time to play, but I’ll try to get at least one hour in there each day. Perhaps if I don’t wait until I can play the fan-translated PS2 version.

I’ve just played the intro bit of the game, got Dymlos, met Garr and that. And that’s when I decided to open my Japanese copy of Tales of Destiny for the PlayStation 2. Just to check out what’s different. A bit of me wish I didn’t, because I’m going to have a hard time returning to the original version now.
I played to the exact same spot in the PS2 version and it was like day and night. Not that the PS1 version is bad, it’s just the PS2 version is much approved on!
The battles are way better and they’ve skipped the usage of TP, instead they use the CC system like in Graces. And I’m a much bigger fan of that than being limited to a certain amount of TP. The game has skits, something the original sadly does not.
The battles system and what I could see was vastly improved upon, hard to say how much when I just played so little. But enough to really question me to continue with the PS1 version.

Tales of Destiny [PlayStation 1] Tales of Destiny [PlayStation 2]

After playing the PS2 version I got really sad that Bandai Namco never released them in west, but I sure hope they can release a collection with both Tales of Destiny games on it.
They don’t have to dub it (thought it would be nice), but just translate it and give it too us. Much like they did with Tales of Hearts R.
Now I’m just eagerly awaiting the fan-translation and hope it will be finished in the not to distant future. I really want to play the game and understand what’s going on.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but the original PlayStation game is still nice and I am going to play it. But after the PS2 version I’m just not as eager, I’d rather way a while and play the definitve version of the game and focus on other games right now.

Tales of Zestiria soon!

Not long now until Tales of Zestiria is released. Just a little more than three week left, gah! But it feels like half an eternity left. Time will probably fly by fast as always and before I know it it will be October 16h. It is my most anticipated game of the year, sure this year has been filled with great games. But the Tales of series is special too me.
And I’m also looking forward to Dragon Quest Heroes that is released the same day, going to be a JRPG feast for me. Yum, yum.

Well October is not only fun and games for me. I’m going to make a little operation, not going to go into what it is. Nothing dangerous (I hope) and I’m not doing it because of anything dangerous or something like that. It is just something to improve my quality of life.
So at least for a time I’ll be doing some other stuff in my work, can’t do my regular stuff for a while. But it’s going to be a nice relaxation to do something else. As long as I can work and don’t have to be home I’m pleased. =)

Thoughts on Metal Gear Solid V

I finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain earlier today, it was a bit of a chore to get the ”true” ending. Well okay, not really I was just more or less a bit tired of having to do a bunch of side-ops to get it to unlock. But now that I’m finished I’m going to share some of my thoughts on the game, I was going to make this spoiler free from the beginning, but to talk about what I want I can’t do that.

So if you don’t want anything spoiled don’t read past this.


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