My Xenosaga Collection

Here is my entire Xenosaga Collection. I will continue to add stuff to this collection, hopefully it will grow even bigger than it is right now. It is a bit sad that there aren’t too many Xenosaga fans in Sweden, well it is understandable but still a shame. But hey, I really love the series. And this is how I show my support, even if the series has is as good as dead now… At least Namco Bandai is letting KOS-MOS be cameos in some games… But I’m still dreaming of a Xenosaga Episode IV. How I want that to happen…

Xenosaga 1,2 & 3 English versions Xenosaga 1,2 & 3 Japanese versions Xenosaga Freaks, XS2 PAL & DS game
Bunch of stuff Xenosaga Figures Xenosaga Figures
Xenosaga Figures Xenosaga Figures

1st: Xenosaga EP1, Xenosaga EP2, Xenosaga EP3, English versions.
: Xenosaga EP1, Xenosaga EP2, Xenosaga EP3, Japanese versions.
: Xenosaga Freaks, Xenosaga 2 EU ver, Xenosaga I-II.
: Namco X Capcom, XSI guidebook, XSII bonus DVD, XSI OST, XSIII bonus DVD.
5th: KOS-MOS V2, Shion Ep3 swimsuit, KOS-MOS EP3 swimsuit,
6th: KOS-MOS M-Y, KOS-MOS V1, KOS-MOS cat ears, MOMO EP3 and T-elos.
7th: My entire figure collection.
8th: Motion revive KOS-MOS and T-elos.

Xenosaga Figures

Above picture: Xenogears, Xenosaga The Animation, KOS-MOS V2 swimsuit,
FIGMA KOS-MOS, BOME KOS-MOS and Xenoblade Chronicles

Below image: Complete picture of my collection

Xenosaga Collection 2012

That’s about all I have right now. I want to get a hold of Xenosaga Episode 1 reloaded and the soundtracks for Xenosaga 2 & Xenosaga 3. But I want so much more! MORE!!! I hope my collection will keep growing.