Disgaea 3 finished!

Last night I finished Disgaea 3! Took exactly a week after I got it. There are still some sidequests to do. But the main game is finished.
The time stopped on 40hours & 7minutes.
I probably would have finished it much sooner if I hadn’t spent so much time leveling up and training my characters. So I guess I’m going to do some of the sidequests now and probably replay it from begining one day.
Well after I’m satisfied with playing Disgaea 3 I really am going to continue with
Wild Arms 1. Since there is nothing else of importance before October 21 anyway…
(Eternal Sonata for PS3 release date) And sixs days after that its ma birthday.
25 years old… Woho!…

Devil May Cry 4, finished!

And with that tone, another Playstation 3 game was cleared. I’m not a fan of the DMC series, and I probably never will be. The character are cool but, I don’t know…
There is just something I don’t like. Can’t put my finger on it. :S
I’d much rather play the PS2 Castlevania games, I think they are much better.
OMG! Don’t blast me for saying that now folks! *puts up flame shield*

DMC4 is a good game. But I’m glad I could borrow it. I would have been dissapointed if I had bought it. Tomorrow I’m going to give Assassins Creed a try. I borrowed that game to from a friend.
So I’m hoping that will live up to my expectations, I sure hope it does. >.<
And soon Its time for Disagea 3. Yay! I’m hoping to push more playing of Wild Arms 1 in here somewhere too. I hope I get the time. If not, oh, well. There will be other chances.

I tried the Star Wars Force unleashed demo. Its was pretty fun. Throwing people around using the force. Ah, its priceless. I will probably get this game sometime in the distant future.
Well thanks for listening to my ramblings as always. You guys are the best. <3

Review: Folklore


This is one of those three games (that are out) I’ve really wanted the most on Playstation 3. The other two being Uncharted (review coming later) and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

The story takes place in the village of Doolin. Ellen who thought she lost her mother 17years ago. suddenly send her a letter. Telling her  she is alive and in Doolin. She travels there but finds nothing… Until she gets a hold of the messengers cloak. With it she can travel to the  Netherworld and meet the dead. And hoping she might meet her mother or get clues about here mother there. The Netherworld is the  world the soul goes to when you die. About the same time Keats, a journalist for an occult magazine get a phone call. A woman screaming for help and that she is going to get killed by something in Doolin.
Keats being as curious as he is, he heads to Doolin. Where he by “chance” is also receives a bit of the cloaks powers.

Both Ellen and Keats have different, rolls to play. Ellen wants to regain her lost memories, while Keats..
Well he’s just curious and loves a good story. Anything to sell a magazine…. But as always things gets more complicated and they first  turnout. You gather monsters called Folks in this game and use them to fight. You can set a Folk to any of the four buttons, Triangle, Circle, Cross or Square. As I said you use these Folks to fight. Sometimes you need a certain Folk to absorb another Folk.
You hit them until you see their soul or ID as they call in the game. When it turns red, you have to yank the controller to get the ID our of the body of the Folk.
Sometimes you need to shake the controller up and down, turn it left and right. There are a few different ways you  have to do it. But this is almost never used on Folks, just on Folklores.
the bosses of the game.

I can’t seem to remember a single piece of music from the game, so if there ever is a squel they need to fix that part. And I would have liked more voice acting. I’m actually a bit dissapointed. I know I’ve said I rally liked the game to others, but when I finished the game and got the whole impresion I realised I actually only continued to play for the story. I was expecting a bit more. Guess I had to high hopes for this game. Still worth a rent/playing once. Or if you really want but it. Its up to you. Myself I’m going to see if I can get this traded for Ratcher & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction..

TOTAL: 6/10

+ The story is moved forward with a comic book like style. I like it.
+ The story is actually really interesting and kept me going.
+ You can collect cloaks (dresses) for Ellen. I love it when you can change clothes in games.

– The game sadly get repetitive, and you don’t need much of a tactic to capture the Folks.
– I wish they had added voice acting too those comic book scenes.
– The music is okay. Nothing more nothing less. You won’t remember it

More playing!

So I’ve been playing a hell of a lot Folklore. I like it! I guess its the closest you can get to a game that will give you a little Tim Burton feeling.
Oh, yes. Said that in my last post, didn’t I? XD

Well all I can say right now that I’m happy. Since I got the PS3, I feel like a lot of stress I’ve had has disappeared. I feel happier, I AM HAPPIER! I can sleep like normal again. Something I haven’t done for about 6months. So I’m very happy about that also. And that I have gotten my lust for playing games back. I feel like I’m reborn and I really needed this.

I wasn’t very fond of GT5 prologue. So I traded it with Kntheking, and I got Uncharted. Which I’m enjoying very much! Well at least the little of it I’ve played. I’m trying to finish Folklore before settling down with Uncharted. But its beautiful! And I’ve also bought Castlevania SOTN and Super Stardust HD from the PlayStation store. This years, its 10 years since I played Castlevania SOTN for the first time. So on New Years Eve I’ll play it again to celebrate the exact 10year anniversary day. Next game on the shopping list is Metal Gear Solid 4 and after that its Soul Calibur 4. And if I have the cash, I’m going to try and get some of the older games I want. Like Ratchet and Clank.

Happy news!

No, I did not get a PS3 so its not that happy news. But still happy.
I’m a very big fan of Namco Bandai’s Tales of games. And know a new one has been announced!

Fuck yes! But at the time we dont know for which console it will come out to. But I am hoping for PS3. I’m burstling with happiness!

Tales of VesperiaOr perhaps I should say “I’m bursting with fonons” ;)

Brave Story played and finished

Thanks to my good friend KNtheking I was able to borrow Brave story. Sending it back to him later today. The game was very fun and pretty standar RPGish. Well you’ve seen most of the stuff in the game before, I can’t think of something right now that makes this game more uniqe. Well perhaps that would be that its a pretty good RPG for the PSP. Does that count?

The story was average, nothing speciall. But I still can’t helped to get sucked into the story. Guess I’m a sucker for that kind of story. No I won’t go into detail about the story.

A young boy who wants to save his “girlfriend” from an illness that would kill her, comes to a world named Vision. There he must meet the goddess of fate and have his wished fullfilled. That is the only thing that can save her. Of course one thing leads to another. And soon you’ll be on a bigger adventure than you first thought. Well at least the main plot of the game if not to save the world. The world is not even in danger. Well not much at least. So that is pretty fresh. The music is pretty okay in the game. Nothing I’ll go out and buy a soundtrack for.
Well either way it is a good game. A bit to easy. But then again I’ve played my fair share of RPGs so I don’t think they are very hard any more.

I guess the score for this game would be 6/10. Mostly because it was easy. But don’t think of this as a bad score. The game is very well worth buying. So If you own a PSP and want an RPG get this.

And to top things of with Brave Story I watched the Brave Story anime. Its main character in the movie is Wataru. He makes a breif cameo in the game BTW. And is mentioned a few times. The movie was good. For being an anime movie. I almost never like anime movies. Don’t know why. But this one was well worth watching.
But now I’m going back to play Metal Gear Ac!d.
Have to finish that game to. Take care everyone!

Main character “Tetsuya” (or what you name him) holding up the
Demon Bane. Big nice sword ain’t it?

And now Daxter is finished!

So I’ve been playing Daxter like a madman. Its a great game.
Much better than I had expected. Not as good as the real Jak & Daxter games, but still very good. And you just gotta love Daxter. He is one cool dude.

The game suffers from some camera problem. Thats just about the thing that is negative about the game.
Thanks to the camera you are going to die some times at certain stages. If they had fixed that, the game would have been more or less perfect. Oh, okay. There are some slowdowns in the game. They are nothing to worry about, but they are very annoying.

The story is good. And lets you know what Daxter was up to between those two years that passed between the first and second game.
I like when they do games like this. Hope we can see a Daxter 2 in the future.
I’ll give Daxter a 7/10. It would have received an 8 from me if it wasn’t for the camera problem. But if you already haven’t played this game, I think you should.
Especially if you are a Jak & Daxter fan.
And now I think I’m going to start playing Metal Gear Ac!d. Take care everyone!