God of War Collection

I was never interested in the God of War series, when it was new. Well not very interested in it when it was old either. But then I saw God of War 3 and started to get some interest for it. And then there was this rumor about Sony porting
GoW1 & GoW2 to Playstation 3. So I said if that’s true I’m gonna play them and see if I like them, at least I need to give the games a fair chance before I rule them out.

And so it was proven true and I got a hold of the collection for PS3 with both
God of War games. So starting with GoW1 I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.
So I start the game and I’m greeted by Kratos who jumps to his death from a cliff, he says the gods have forsaken him and taking his life would end his suffering. But before he hits the sea, you will get to play the game. And see what leads Kratos to take his own life. And there we’ll learn that Kratos is out to kill the God of War, Ares.

I’m not gonna dive into the gameplay, but if you’ve played any kind of hack ’n slash, you know what to expect. For me this is one of the best hack ’n slash games I’ve played. Devil May Cry has got nothing on God of War in my opinion. Well I never liked those games. And Kratos is brutal, no jokes, no funny stuff. Just a fucking killing machine. Normally I don’t like characters like that, but its really fits Kratos.

The game is really frustrating at times, I felt the urge to scream more than once. Some parts where just sick, remember I’m mostly an RPG-player, so this was a challenge for me. But I managed to finish the game and I have slowly started on the second game now. I was about to give up the first game, but after some death scenes I was finally on my way again. I never thought I was going to like this series, but it grew on me. I didn’t like that you had to use the R2 button to open doors and rapidly press it, it felt a bit awkward. But that’s just about my biggest complaint.

I can finally see why so many like Kratos and the games. The second game is already showing promise and I like it a bit more already. So I will hopefully be getting
God of War 3 if I can get my hands on it. Well gotta go back & kick ass with Kratos.

Platinum get! Uncharted 2!

And so I’ve taken the platinum trophy in Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. I was a lot easier than i thought, since I really had to work for in in the first game. So now I have cleared 100% of the game, it feels pretty nice to say that. It is a really great game and I will play it again sometime, but now I need a break from it. Will probably play some Little Big Planet again or Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard.

Other news, I’ve been feeling a bit sick again. Got a bit of a cold again! What am I? A cold magnet? Feels like that way. And now I have a migraine headache. Ugh. Hope it goes away soon, all this away time from ”work” will really take its toll on my pay.
I will get a shitty pay as hell in November. =(

Uncharted 2 tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the release of Uncharted 2 Among Thieves in Europe. Well, Sweden at least. I’ve been eagerly awaiting that game. It feels a bit unrealistic that the game is finally here. But I’m glad it is here. I really needed something new to play.

Will probably post some of my impressions tomorrow, if I’m not too busy with the game. Now I just have to wait for Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time to be released and I’m very happy. Perhaps we will see each other online in the multiplayer mode.
But probably not, will most likely just play with some friends. But who knows?

3D Dot Game Hero! So much love!

As some of you might know, I’m head over heels for the game, 3D Dot Game Hero. Also known as ”Lego Zelda” by people on the internet. The game has a very Zelda/Dragon Quest style to it. Perhaps that’s why I’m so interested about it. That and it looks really nice! Especially in this day and age when it feels games have to be photo-realistic. Well mostly games, so its nice to see people trying to make something ”retro”. This is actually one of my most eagerly awaited games.
I really hope it will come outside of Japan, or at least if the Asian version features English text. Next month when its released in Japan we will know.

3D Dot Game Heroes 3D Dot Game Heroes

The game is Playstation 3 exclusive. A bit of a shame, since I think everyone should get a chance to play this. But then again, having an exclusive like this makes me really glad I have a PS3. The game will also feature a create mode, where you can edit the hero you are playing. Or if you are up to it, make a whole new hero!
The game is said to be about 25-35hours long, something I liked to hear.

3D Dot Game Heroes 3D Dot Game Heroes

Here is a taste of the games soundtrack/background music. Just right click and ”Save as”.
BGM1 | BGM2 | BGM3 | BGM4

Brütal Legend, demo impressions

A demo for Brütal Legend was released today on both the American and European PSN store. I’m fairly sure its also released on Xbox 360. Well anyway, thought I would give it a try. I’ve been wanting this game for sometime now and I must say I was a bit disappointed. The humor and violence in the game was great.
I loved that. But the controls didn’t feel as good. And the camera felt awkward at times. There was also a bit of lagging from time to time in demo, which scared me of a bit. Which has made me decide that I will cancel my preorder on the title for now. And preorder some other game instead. I’m at least going to wait and see what others say about the game and see if I’ll regret my decision.
Sooner of later I’ll be rocking with Jack Black in Brütal Legend, either if it will be a purchase in the future or if I borrow the game.

I also tried the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer demo. And the game looks great! To bad they could let you play a little of the main game. But I’m also pretty happy that you can’t. Since now I don’t know jack about the main story.
Not much to say about the multiplayer demo, was pretty fun. Will probably play the multiplayer in the full version of the game later.
If Uncharted 2 is as good as the first game, I think both this and Batman Arkham Asylum will be my favorite games of the year.

Unchated 100% cleared!

I cleared Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the third or fourth time today. This this I was going after the Platinum trophy. You know, the trophy you get after you get all the other trophies in the game. I just had to finish the game on its hardest difficulty, called Crushing. And that’s just what I’ve done. I beat the Crushing difficulty and got the platinum! It feels so great to have gotten everything in this game.
Now I just have to wait until Uncharted 2 gets released and hope its just as good, hopefully even better than the first game was.

Mini Ninjas finished!

Yeah, it really took no time to finish this game. So what do I think about it know?
I feel disappointed. From trailers it looked so charming and fun. Well only the charming part is true. It wasn’t very much fun. In the beginning of the game it felt fun. But since its do damn repetitive that quickly went away. The surroundings don’t change much either. Either you are in a forest, outside a forest or in a castle yard.

As I said its very repetitive, ”kill” evil ninjas. Now do that 10000times! That’s all there is to this game. Well there is a little exploring, but its hardly something that would make me play this game again. It could at least have offered some minor variations on the ninja thing. Don’t know what else to say. I was looking forward to this game, but it wasn’t the game I was hoping for. I’m glad I got it via Gamestops trade in deals, if I had paid money for this, I would have been sad.

If you absolute must have this game I recommend to borrow it from someone, if you should like it after that, then go ahead and buy. I’m taking my copy back to Gamestop and hope I find something to trade it in with.
If you want to know something about the game you can ask, right now I’m to tired to care to write more about the game. Goodnight!