World’s greatest detective

No, I’m not talking about Batman. I’m talking about the other world’s greatest detective. You know, Sherlock Holmes. I saw that new Sherlock Holmes movie today with my parents. The one starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.

I’ve never been a fan of Sherlock Holmes, in fact I’ve always thought he was a pretty boring character. Interesting story around him and such, but boring. That’s why I’m so glad about this movie. They have added some humor, not so its silly but in my opinion they make Holmes so much better. I think it really fits this version of Holmes.
The movie didn’t feel long even if it was 2hours, if the movie had been bad those 2hours would have been murderous…

The music in the movie was also great, but then again its made by Hans Zimmerman. His music is always good. so if you haven’t seen the movie then go do it! Its very good. Now I’m really looking forward to the next movie with Robert Downey Jr, which is my most awaited movie this year. Namely, Iron Man 2.

The newest Star Trek movie

I’m not a fan of Star Trek. Never have been and will probably never be, but I did enjoy the new movie. Not saying the older movies are bad, not at all. But they are just not something that has clicked for me. Can’t like everything now can we?
I have to admit I mostly wanted to watch this because of Zachary Quinto. I’ve liked him since I saw him in Heroes playing Sylar and he is cool as Spock.

I enjoyed that this was a new start, so a Star Trek noob like me could learn to know some of the characters better. Or at least to get a feeling of them. I have no idea if they are anything like this in the old movies. The movie had a good portion of action. And I thought it was well balanced with story.
The movie didn’t feel long either, I almost thought it felt a bit short. Even if its just a bit over two hours long. This is not going to turn me into a Star Trek fan, but I will watch if they make more new movies. And who knows, one day I might do a dive into past movies. All in all, it was a good movie. Which I can recommend.

I’m not 100% sure, but I’ll probably see Sherlock Holmes in the coming weekend. You know the one with Robert Downey Jr. My parents wanted to see it, so I’ll probably go with them to the cinemas. Nothing is certain, but if they go I’m coming with them. Can’t and won’t say no to a free cinema ticket.
Other movies I want to see this year is Iron Man 2, Legion, Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

HIMYM! Barney is the king!

Todays episode of How I Met Your Mother, was awesome. Especially the ending.
We got a great song sung by the character Barney (Neil Patric Harris).
So I decided to rip the song and upload it here. If anyone has any objectives to this I’ll take it down. But hopefully it can stay up.

How I Met Your Mother – Nothing suits me like a suit

How I Met Your Mother- You Just Got Slapped

Batman and the Music Meister

As some might now there is a Batman cartoon named Brave And The Bold. I’m not very fond of this show, but I just had to watch it this time. Since the awesome
Neil Patrick Harris is in it. This episode is called “Mayhem of the Music Meister”.
And yes, it is a musical. That’s why I decided to post part 1 of 3 of the episode here.
He drives us bats” became my favorite song. And I can’t stop listening to it.

Video was removed from Youtube. Sadly. =(

Sett nya Harry Potter

Postade ett inlägg om detta tidigare idag, men av någon händelse försvann inlägget. Troligen har jag väl råkat radera det. Har arbetat en del med sidan idag, så har väl råkat göra det mitt i alla röra. Nåja, ingen större skada skedd.

Har idag sett den nya Harry Potter filmen. Hade inga större förväntingar på den, men den visade sig vara riktigt okej. Möjligen för att jag inte läst boken filmen är baserad på denna gången, vilket jag är glad över. Har istället kunnat fokusera på filmen istället för grejer som saknas. Skulle inte förvåna mig om det är en del.
Gillar verkligen det mörkare temat i filmen, blev dock lite besviken att en karaktär inte var med. Eller med var han ju, men inte riktigt så som jag ville. Säger inte mer om det, då jag vill inte spoila något. Ska se till att låna boken så jag kan läsa den också och även läsa sista boken, blev riktigt sugen på det efter att ha sett filmen. Jag är ingen Harry Potter fantast, men jag tycker böckerna är rätt bra. Bland det bästa jag läst i alla fall och jag gillar verkligen tredje boken.

Allt som allt var det som jag tidigare sa en rätt okej film, blev bjöden på den så jag har inte lagt några egna pengar. Mitt ändå klagomål är att ibland kändes det som inget hände alls i filmen. Troligen känner jag det så, för att filmen var så lång. Men det är nog det enda jag personligen kan klaga på, blir kanske ett nytt inlägg om det hela efter att ha läst boken.

Dagen T är här!

Ikväll är det äntligen dags för Transformers Revenge of The Fallen!
Som jag har längtat! Kommer se den med två goda vänner. Börja känna sig så där små ivrig nu. Bara ett par timmar kvar. Bäst att göra sig i ordning nu. Håller tummarna för att denna blir kickass.

Avatar ended

I’ve been watching Avatar – The Last Airbender for some time now. And I’ve just seen the last episode. A shame it has ended but, all good things come to an end. I was not very hyped for this series from the start, I was rather negative towards it. And I’m glad I was. Since it made it all the sweeter to watch and really enjoy it.
My favorite character without a doubt is Iroh. Zuko’s uncle, he is kickass and cool. And just plain awesome, I really like his character.
I don’t think I have much more to say about the series, just watch it. It was refreshing to watch it, since just watching animes for so long.

I think my only complaint with the show is that it tries to mimic anime sometimes. With stupid and crazy face gestures. Sure it doesn’t make the show bad, but I would just have liked it more without those things. Just a things that irritated me a little, but all in all I’m very pleased with just about everything in the show. I might have wished the ending was a bit different,but I still liked how it turned out. So if you have even the slightest of interest in the show, watch it.