Pacific Rim is awesone!

Today was the day when I finally was going to watch Pacific Rim. And how I have waited. Ever since I saw the first trailer I was in love with it or rather I knew I had to watch it. So earlier today I went and saw it with two of my best friends.

And I can only speak for me, but I loved the movie! Giant robots kicking monster ass and vise-versa. I am pleased and I am happy, I got exactly that. I can’t really complain about anything in particular. I got what I wanted and it lived up to my expectations, what more could I want?
Well maybe some of mechs could have gotten more screen-time and a few things could be better. But I am not complaining, it is so rare we get a movie like this. I hope we can get more! This is how giant robots should be! I am seriously thinking about buying it on blu-ray later and I almost never buy movies.

Most anticipated movie of the year. And yeah, for me it lived up to the hype. Next movie that I am really hyped for is Amazing Spider-Man 2, but that’s next year.

I must watch Pacific Rim!

The first trailer for Guillermo del Toro new movie, Pacific Rim was released today. I am really hyped for this! It really looks like a movie that speaks to every part of me, saw so much in the trailer that I liked. I must watch this, without a doubt! It will premier on cinema on July 17th 2013 in Sweden, so guess I’m going to the cinemas then!

The Bat Rises

[ If you have any intention of watching the Dark Knight Rises, you should keep away from this post. I’ll be talking pretty openly about the movie and spoilers. You have been warned, this will contain spoilers! ]


Go-Busters is ENTERtainment

As some people here already now I’m a fan of Sentai/Tokusatsu and I’m watching the latest Sentai series, which is called Tokumei Sentai Go-busters. Yes, this will most likely be turned into a Power Rangers season in a year or so. And probably loose it’s great villain Enter, oh he makes the show so enjoyable. He is one of the big reasons I watch the show. The other being it feels so fresh and they are doing a bunch of new flashy stuff, which I enjoy tremendously. But apparently this is one of the worst rated seasons ever, and that makes me very sad indeed.

I really hope it can pick up views in Japan, I would love to get more sentai series with this kind of action. And that are actually trying to do something new.
Don’t get me wrong I love the old stuff, I really do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be watching it, but I like it when people try to add something new to mix. Sentai has been around for 36year now, so of course its nice when new stuff happens. And I seem to be one of those who love the shows who try to be a bit different, I’m hoping I’ll like the next one that comes after Go-Busters. I have a feeling they’ll try to play the safe card with that show, to get better ratings. But as long as it’s good and doesn’t revert back to the old stuff too much, I’ll probably like it.

Among the main cast there are three characters I just love! The two “special rangersBeet Buster and Stag Buster. They are both funny and badass Especially Stag Buster who’s name is Beet J. Stag, what an ego! He is a buddyroid that was built by Jin Masato, aka Beet Buster.
A buddyroid are robots who support the rangers with various things and are also needed to pilot their MegaZord. J is so far the only buddyroid who can transform into a ranger. Both Jin and J are a great combo, but they are always fussing about something. It’s great watching them and when they get serious they kick some major ass.

And last but definitely not least. ENTER!! One of the villains in the show I do hope he becomes the main villain. He serves under a powerful computer virus called Messiah and Enters job is to get enetron (energy, duh.) so Messiah can grow stronger and one day come into the real world. Enter is crazy, you can hardly ever predict what he is going to do. He is so damn random and he speaks with some added French words, I just can’t dislike him! He has also proven to be quite the adversary, when serious he took on one of the strongest if not the strongest ranger by himself and it felt like he played with him. Tossing him around like a toy, so he is very dangerous when he get serious. Words will do Enter no justice, just watch the show and Hopefully you might like Enter too. Because I love watching the Enter show featuring Go-Busters!

I must see Wreck-It Ralph

Hahaha! I just gotta watch Disney‘s newest movie, Wreck-It Ralph. It takes place inside a videogame land! And there are a few famous cameos like, Bowser, Dr.Eggman and so on. Just check out the trailer below, I think its cool of the videogame companies to lend out their characters like this. Can’t wait to see the movie, I think it will be nerdy. :3

Ultimate Spider-Man

Saw the first two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated show today, they where special… I liked them a lot and I’m going to keep watching this show, but it had its fails. And for me they where pretty big, I can live with them and I won’t drop the show for this. But it is going to get really old really fast. So I’m hoping this is just something for the first few episodes and hope it will tone down a bit later.

The animations where nice and in some parts they where rather spectacular (narf), but it’s also the visuals I have the main problems with… As I said the visuals are great, really great. When they are not trying to mimic anime! This is the same problem (for me problem) that was with Teen Titans, but at least in that show they fitted. But here it feels so damn out of the place. And there where plenty of this in just the two first episodes. And by mimic anime I mean they make it look more chibi-anime like and all kiddy and try to be funny. Don’t get me wrong, frequent readers should know I love anime, but I was hoping for a little bit more seriousness in that department.

But other than that, the show seems very promising. Even if I seemed to be one of few who liked the last show Spectacular! Spider-Man and would have loved to see that one get another seasons. I’m really hoping this will turn out good, I’m going to be real sad otherwise. But it is still to early to tell, I’ll give it few more episodes hopefully the stuff I don’t like will either grow on me or it will be toned down. Either way, Spider-Man is back and now I’m longing for the new movie even more!

The Walking Dead season 2

This whole weekend I’ve spent watching season 2 of The Walking Dead. Was about time I watched it all, I started it early Saturday morning and ended it earlier today. Watched it all with Elden, it was fun to just watch everything after each other. While I thought it wasn’t as good as season one, it really had its great moments. Like some characters getting more development and turning out to be pretty darn bad ass, like the character Daryl. He is cool and kickass and probably one of my favorites on the show. Can’t wait for season 3 too have its premier, it’s gonna be interesting to see what’s going to happen to the crew now…

That’s about what I’ve been doing this weekend. Other than that, I’m just concentrating on my moving. It takes up all extra time, I’m to tried after work on weekdays to do anything. I’m going to try to get more Tales of Graces f played this upcoming week, I’m hoping I can do that. Or at least get a bit more played on Lunar Silver Star Harmony for PSP. As soon as I move, I hope I’ll have more time to play games. Right now everything is a bit hectic and I’m feeling unwell just about all the time. Well, nothing different there. I’ve been feeling unwell for years, I’ve just kept it inside and tried to smile and be glad.. It’s not easy. =/