Gurren Laggan awesome

So I’ve finished watching the anime series, Toppa Tengan Gurren Laggan. Late to bthe party I know. Never thought I would like it….
But I did! It was really good. Probably the best mecha series I’ve ever seen. And I’m not a fan of mecha series, mind you. If you don’t know about the series, check it up. I don’t know where to begin if I should try to explain it. The main theme of the series is survival and evolution (i guess?).
Besides being an awesome mecha series that is. They have good humor in the show, its well balanced between seriousness and comedy.

Well on to the other reason with this post. I coloured a Gurren Laggan picture yesterday and uploaded to DeviantART. And now I’m posting it here to so hopefully more people can see it. Its one of those pictures I’ve put down a fair amount of time on, so I’m hoping people like it. =)
The girl to the left is called Yoko and the girl to the right is Nia.

EDIT – 2011-07-19: This image was removed from DeviantArt sometime ago. Sadly, I know people liked this one. And I’m still proud of the coloring I put into this picture. Click the picture to get a bigger version, if you would like an even bigger version right click on the picture and open it in a new tab.

OMG new AMV!

So its been 10 months since I last did a real AMV. A bit scary to think of… 10 months has gone by lightning fast… Well anyway my new AMV is a Final Fantasy VII AMV. With clips from Final Fantasy VII Last Order. And the music used comes from BUMP OF CHICKEN and the song from them is Karma. The Tales of Abyss opening. Enjoy everyone!

New logo!

Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a new logo.
Why? Well because I’ve decided I want to be myself on the internet, so instead of always hiding behind ”Yazuka”, I now just want to be me. Micke Johansson. So I made this M-like logo. I like it myself. But there are some places that I will still be ”Yazuka”. Like on Youtube, Deviantart, Gamefaqs, gametrailers. And other sites.
But I’ll be using this logo instead. So yeah, if you see it, its probably me. =)
Sadly the miniature doesn’t look as good as the big one IMO, but I have no idéa how to fix it. =/

So hopefully if I have the time, I’ll try to remake the whole site design, I’m trying to go for a more simple yet, clean design. And compared to what it was in the beginning I’m slowly getting there. So I’ll just keep fighting until I finally get a design I’m pleased with. And a question. Is there anything you would like to see on my site? I’m gotten some request from friends, to put up a friends page. Would that be okay, for you (yes, you know who you are) if I put up some minor info on you too? Or perhaps something else? I feel like I want to expand in some sort of way. I need to do something.

Some stuff

Haha.. Omg… I can’t believe it happened to me. What am I talking about?
I’m talking about the Portal song. Yeah, you know the end theme of portal. I’ve heard so many say it was so good. Of course I did not believe them. Nor did I try to prove them wrong by actually listening to the song. But today I did. And what can I say?
Well thank you nordiclania for presenting me for a new song to listen to bits! :D

Well nothing new. Not much is happening in my life right now. When you are broke, you can’t do very much. I would love to travel and meet people I’ve spoken to for years over the internet. But yeah, without money that is but a dream. Or more like impossible.
Well I’ve started to play, The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap for the GameboyAdvance today. Its one of the two Zelda games I haven’t played before. The other one being Majoras Mask. Have to get thru that game, one day to. Well gonna play some more, before I go to bed.

Oh, well I did see The Golden Compass, yesterday… And what can I say? Well not much. But I did not like it! It was a very disapointing movie, I had high hopes for that movie. And it let me down. I will most likely not see a sequal if there is one. no, that was nothing for me.
I’m going to check out Enchanted later… Hopefully I like that one better.

Plus I’ve uploaded some new Xenosaga picture to my deviantart. Two of them are old, (the Shion pics). And the KOS-MOS picture is new. Just wanted to post them here so a more people see them. ^^ (Yeah, I’m still a XenoFreak) :D

New KOS-MOS picture

I’ve spent the last 4-5days at a friends house. We had a blast. Actually I was there with another of my friends to. So we where 3 crazy people at one place.
We watch a lot of movies, mostly Adam Sandler movies. We saw, Big Daddy, Click,
Bullet Proof and I now pronounce you Chuck & Lary. Yeah, I think that was all. And we talked a lot to. Its just fun when you can talk with your friends about everything and nothing.

And when I got home earlier today I stared with colouring a new KOS-MOS picture. One of many I hope. Sadly not my own drawings from begining, but I colour them and give them new lineart. And I only take credit for the work I’ve done and no credit for the original picture.

If you are interested in seeing what I’ve done just head over to my deviant. And perhaps leave a comment there. I would very much appriciate it. =)

Turning 24…

Yeah.. So okay. Today! October 27, I’m turning 24! I feel kinda old now. Well I am old. Well I don’t know what more there is to say, actually.
Another year older, another day gone bye. Oh well. ^^

I made this picture myself, as an happy birthday card to myself. Lame I know.

Nightwish Rockin’ AMV & VG

Finally! I’ve completed my newest AMV. This time its a mixed video. Containing both anime and videogame scenes. (actually a good combo, if I say so myself)
I wanted to do this since I heard Nightwish newest song ”Bye Bye Beautiful”.
And not getting the idea out of the head, I made the video. Just hope people will like it. Or at least that people will comment on it…