Min mest sedda AMV

Förr i tiden gjorde jag en hel del AMV (Anime Music Video), men tyvärr så tog idéerna slut och jag visste inte riktigt vad jag skulle göra. Något som var riktigt trist för jag gillade verkligen det och det blev ju några stycken som ni kan se på min YouTube kanal.

Min mest sedda AMV är en Dragon Ball Z video jag gjorde för 9år sedan. Den har nu uppnått 1 392 711 visningar. Videon gjordes med klipp från olika spel intron, lite scener ifrån serien och med en tysk version av en av Dragon Ball Z låtar.
Det visade sig vara ett bra koncept som gick hem hos tyskarna, detta gjordes för jag kollade mycket på Dragon Ball Z på tysk tv när jag var yngre. Föredrar själv helt klart den tyska versionen av serien framför någon annan version, ja även framför den Japanska. (Ogillar Gokus röst något otroligt på Japanska).
Hur som helst här är videon om ni vill se.

Det är själv en video jag inte lade ner speciellt mycket tid på, men ändå har den fått så här mycket visningar. Finns ju andra videos jag har gjort där man verkligen lagt ner hur mycket tid som helst på, som folk knappt tittat på. Tror också det var lite av det som dödade mitt intresse för att göra AMVs. Vi får se vad som sker i framtiden, för jag skulle gärna vilja sitta och göra sådant igen. Har ju åtminstone en video jag vill göra och det är en remake på en av de videos jag har gjort, fast med HD upplösning och helt enkelt bättre gjord. En vacker dag kanske den kommer.

Trying something new [audio]

Hello everyone! I’m trying something new today! I’m making an audio recording and since this is so new for me, I’m only talking in Swedish. I hope some can enjoy it and I hope to get a bit more training with this, so I can feel more comfortable about this. Would love to make more of these in the future, the file isn’t edited much so I hope you can deal with that. Thanks and take care guys! OH, btw. The audio is not edited so its pretty raw and I make a few mistakes. Hope you’ll give it a listen to anyway.

YazTalks – Episode Zero: The first test [in Swedish]

Please have a listen an tell me what you think.

No internet = creative

So I’ve been without internet for just about the entire goddamn day! Just got it back about two hours ago, fucking shit. It’s been gone since 05,00 in the morning and now at 19,30 we get it back. Damn shit! But one good thing came out of it and that was I finished up a few of my old pictures lying around on my computer. Some for me only and hopefully a few I’ll upload to DeviantArt later. I’m done with my Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou now at least. In her nice swimsuit, rawr! Don’t worry it’s her adult version, so don’t get yer panties in a bunch!

Just click on the image and you’ll be taken to DeviantArt where you can get a bigger version of the picture, if you like. So check it out it you want to and by all means comment on the picture if you feel like it. That’s just appreciated, very much so.

My ThunderCats 2011 intro HD

In November of 2011 I made my own intro to the newest ThunderCats series. Now I am back with the same intro, with some minor stuff changed in it and some added sound effects in it.
And last not not least, it’s now available in HD. But wait there’s more! This time there are no logos from the network it aired on, so it’s a clean HD version of my original ThunderCats opening. Hope you’ll enjoy this too, and I might have one more ThunderCats related video in the making. But we’ll see it it turns into something or I’ll move on to something else.

My ThunderCats 2011 intro

Its been a little more than three years since I last made a video, man time sure flies. It hasn’t felt that long… Now I’m back with my take on a ThunderCats 2011 intro, It’s somewhat based on the original intro. There have been others who have made intros like this, but this is my take on it. And a big thanks to RazorDave for being awesome and allowing me to use his version of the ThunderCats theme for my video. Click his name to visit his YouTube channel.

The Powerful God Hand

As some might know Sony has started to offer a few Playstation 2 games on PSN. For now it is only up on the American PSN store. One of the games they have is Capcom’s classic God Hand. An okay game but pretty nice humor. I’ll be getting it later, for now I wanted to share my music video I made for the game a few years back. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. Or you might get your ass kick to the milky-way.

Fire in the car!

I was half asleep when I was woken by a bang, not really giving it much thought I tried to sleep again. About 30seconds later I decided to check outside my window and I see a car on the parking lot burning. I was shocked. I still am, in fact. I filmed a bit of it and uploaded it here, so now you can hear my lovely voice. :P
I’m talking with my parents on the phone I’m not crazy, just saying a bunch of random stuff. And the fire started around 22.00. Just about an hour ago now, I suck at the whole AM and PM thing so it will have to do.

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