Beaten games 2015: Part 1

So I thought I was going to make a little list of the games I’ve beaten so far this year and write a little something about them. I will list ten games on this list at a time, that way the list won’t be to long and I can perhaps write a little more about certain games, not sure I will though since this, will just reflect some simple thoughts about the games. If anyone wants to know more of what I think of a game, I can write in the comments. The dates by the name is the date I beat the game.

01: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition [ 2015-01-01 ]
I was never a fan of the original Tomb Rider series, but this rebooted series really clicked with me. So much that I had finished the last gen version of this game and I had to play the current gen version too. I don’t replay games that often, but this was so good. A great way to start the year.

02: Tales of Symphonia Dawn of The New World HD [ 2015-01-10 ]
In my opinion it is a much weaker game than its predecessor, but I don’t think it’s flat out bad as so many others do. I had fun with the game, Martha is great!

03: The Wolf Among Us [ 2015-01-15 ]
Bigsby is one cool wolf. I really liked the story in this game, it might not have been anything special but it was fun seeing fairytale creatures hide in our world like regular humans.

04: Super Princess Peach [ 2015-02-01 ]
Move over Mario! It’s time for Peach to kick some butt! And she sure kicked it hard. A pretty typical Mario platformer game, really nice to see Peach being the star and not being kidnapped for once.

05: Transistor [ 2015-02-22 ]
I’ve heard people say so many great thing about this game, so of course I had to try it. But I honestly don’t see why people like this game. I didn’t really enjoy it while I was playing and wanted it mostly to end, sorry folks. This was the first disappointment of the year for me..

06: Wolfenstein: The New Order [ 2015-03-08 ]
Those who might have read what I’ve written before, know I’m not a fan of FPS but I got this one recommend from a friend who also didn’t like FPS. I must say I was really surprised! I had a blast with this game, it was fun and it was pretty nice to play something else than only JRPGs. A breath of fresh air for me.

07: Wild Arms 5 [ 2015-03-22 ]
And speaking about playing only JRPG’s… I wanted to finish this game for sometime and when I did I felt a bit empty, the game starts out great but I think it slowly goes downhill from there. Don’t get me wrong it is a good game, it just didn’t reach all the way to the end for me. Still hope we’ll see a Wild Arms 6 one day.

08: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell [ 2015-03-23 ]
Chaos, mayhem and destruction. A few words to describe the Saints Row series as of late, Gat out of Hell was short, very, very short. But it game some enjoyment, like punching Satan right in the face.

09: Metroid: Zero Mission [ 2015-04-03 ]
This was actually my very first Metroid game and I really liked it. It was enjoyable from start to finish, well the Zero Mission part was a bit frustrating, but enjoyable. We’ll see if I’ll ever finish Metroid Fusion.

10: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD [ 2015-04-04 ]
Me and my pal played thought the entire game together, it was really fun I must say. This was also my very first time clearing the game, I sadly lost all interest in the original when it came to gather the Triforce pieces. I am a bit ashamed of that, but at least I finished it, this time around

Games I want in 2015

I made this post before but in Swedish, but I thought I might revisit it and make it in English instead. Why the revision? Well one of my most anticipated games of the year has slipped into a 2016 release, which is a shame. But hopefully it will lead to a much better game. And honestly I’m not surprised it got delayed, still a shame though. This list is nowhere near complete, I have just taken the big games that I’m getting this year. I have probably missed a few titles that I would love to get my hands on. So this post might be updated at a later date, or I might have to update because new announcements or more delays… But we’ll tackle that hurdle when it comes to that. But for now these are the games I’m most looking forward to in 2015.

Tales of Zestiria

I love the Tales of games. It’s just about the only JRPG series that I really love and enjoy to my fullest right now. Of course there are many great games out there, but right now Tales is closest to my heart. So when Bandai Namco localizes Tales of games, I just really need to buy them an support them. And Tales of Zestiria will be no different. Just as long as it isn’t any mobile stuff, in getting it. The game is looking good so far and I’m really looking forward to my hands on this title. I’m just hoping I’m not hyping myself to much on the game, but for now it is my number one sought after game this year. Just announce a date Bandai Namco! I’m there day fricking one!

Dragon Quest Heroes

When I laid my eyes upon Dragon Quest Heroes for the first time I knew I had to have this game. I was thinking of importing it but then Square Enix announced it would be released in the west. I was as happy as a cat playing in a cardboard box. Its supposed to be like a Warrios/Musou game, but with more action RPG elements and that is something I can really dig. I really like the 3D models of Akira Toriyama’s designs, I think they found a 3D style that really works well. It is going to be fun running around together with old DQ heroes in the game, Jessica will be on my team as often as she can be! When a problem comes along, she’ll whip it! Whip it good!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman! Always Batman! Always driving villains bats! So what do we do? It’s simple, we kill the Batman. I guess that sums it all up huh? Well I’m very excited for this game, its the last game in Rocksteadys Arkham Trilogy and I’ve enjoyed the past two games very much. Even Arkham Origins which isn’t made by Rocksteady.
So will this truly be the end for the caped crusader? Will he kick the bucket? Will Arkham City take over the pieces that are left of Gotham? On June 23rd we will finally find out, that is if it doesn’t get delayed yet again…

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Those who have followed me for a while or just know me, knows how much I love the Xenosaga games. I still prefer them to Xenoblade, which is also a fricking awesome game! But Xenosaga just spoke more too me, an unpopular opinion which I hope I can have without being slaughtered. That being said, I can’t wait to get my dirty little mittens on Xenoblade Chronicles X! What I’ve seen so far really blows me away, now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this title won’t be delayed into next year. That would really bum me out. Hopefully it will be fun to create your own character, so naturally I’m going to try to recreate KOS-MOS.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

After MGS4 I hardly wanted anything to do with the MGS series again, it was a disappointment to me. Maybe I expected to much, but solve everything with nanomachines and taking away my sob ending, ruined it for me. With MGS5 we are turning back to Big Boss and I’m hoping we will see him fall to evil in this game. What I’ve seen so far of the game has really got my interest going to the game. September 1st can’t come soon enough.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

It’s Yoshi made of yarn. If it could work for Kirby it can work for Yoshi, to be honest I actually think it will work better for him. Either way, the more platforming games we can get the better. I feel like its a dying or rather sleeping genre and its a damn shame. Nintendo always delivers quality games, so I’m 100% sure this title will be very enjoyable.

Onechanbara: Z2 Chaos

Girls, Swords, Zombies. What more can you want? Good gameplay would be nice… It seems like this has that too, from the few movies I’ve watched from this game, I think I’ll get an enjoyable game. I’ve heard its an okay game and it reminds me a bit of Lollipop Chainsaw. Google it, see for yourselves. But I think this will be a ”guilty pleasure” game for me this year. Not that I really have GP games, since I like what I like and I’m not afraid to say so.

Spelen jag ser fram emot under 2015

Folk som har läst denna bloggen innan eller känner mig, vet att jag älskar spel. Det är en sak som alltid funnit i mitt liv och det är viktigt för mig. Även om det har blivit lite mindre spelande än jag hoppats, för att man jobbar en del. Men tack vare det kan man köpa fler spel och även under 2015 kommer det ett par spel jag gärna vill ha. Här är en liten lista på de jag kommer på just nu som jag verkligen vill ha och måste ha! Nu kan ju oturen vara framme och något av dem försenas, men det får vi hoppas inte sker.

Tales of Zestiria

Jag älskar Tales of-serien. Det är väl den enda JRPG-serie just nu som jag verkligen älskar så otroligt mycket, naturligtvis finns det många bra. Men Tales of-serien ligger mig lite närmare hjärtat. Så när Bandai Namco släpper ett nytt Tales of-spel i väst köper jag det, så länge det inte är till mobil vill säga. Tales of Zestiria ser ut att bli minst lika fartfyllt i fighterna som de senaste i serien, så längtan är stor att få besöka denna världen. <3

Dragon Quest Heroes

När man fick se DQH för första gången blev jag otroligt sugen på spelet. Gjort av Omega Force som är kända för sina ”Dynasty Warriors” spel. Dragon Quest Heroes har element ifrån Dynasty Warriors serierna, men ska tydligen vara mer action-rpg. Gillar verkligen hur bra Akira Toriyamas stil passar i 3D och så ser jag fram emot att få spela med klassiska Dragon Quest hjältar. Hoppas detta släpps till sommaren eller så i väst.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman! Alltid denna Batman! Du gör alla förbrytare tokiga! Så vad gör vi? Det är simpelt! Vi dödar Batman! Vi hjälps alla åt! Lite så kommer det nog vara i Batman Arkam Knight. Det sägs också vara det sista spelet i Rocksteadys trilogi, Arkham Origins gjordes inte av dom. Kommer Batman att dö? Kommer Gotham bli skurkarnas paradis? I juni vet vi svaret på de frågorna.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Som den Xenosaga-fan jag är, så måste jag köpa allt som Monolith Software gör. Jag älskar deras spel, Xenoblade var trevligt även om jag inte klarat det än. Ja, jag skäms över det. Men det tar vi itu med sedan. XBX ser otroligt ut och verkar enormt! Ska bli intressant att få skapa sin egna karaktär och utforska världen.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Allt vi har fått se av detta spelet än så länge har gjort mig otroligt hajpad. Allt från de enorma landskapen till att hoppa från hästrygg och skjuter pilar på monster. Zelda spelen levererar alltid på ett eller annat sätt, så jag ser fram emot detta något otroligt. Själv hoppas jag nästan lite att Link fortsätter bära sina blåa kläder vi sett honom bära i de få bilder och trailers vi sett. Var lite uppfriskande att inte se honom i sin tunika, inte för att det är första gången han är utan dem. Hoppas på klädes byte annars. ;)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Efter MGS4 ville jag i stort sätt inte ha något med serien att göra. För mig var det en besvikelse, somliga delar var naturligtvis bra. Men det slutar på ett otroligt dålig sätt i min mening. Men nog om det nu, MGS5 ser i att bli ett riktigt grymt spel och vi får än en gång bekanta oss med Big Boss. Ska vi äntligen få se honom bli ”ond”? Personligen hoppas jag verkligen det och kanske skulle vi kunna få se en ung Solid Snake. Hoppas kan man alltid.

Some of my favorite PlayStation 3 games

I love my PlayStation 3, it has brought me literally thousand of hours of joy! Its probably the only console so far that I have beaten over 100 games on also. Of course I have gotten some favorites over the years, so this post will be about those titles I’ve enjoyed or just liked extra much. It will not be about all my favorites, just some of the titles I’ve had a blast with. They might have given me an extra laugh or just been fun to play, they had something little extra that made playing them awesome for me. Now some of these games are multiplatform games and are also out on the Xbox 360 for example, but it’s just that I beat the game on a PS3. Of course I’ve gone through some crappy games too, but I don’t want to talk about those games.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Arkham series)

There has been a bunch of Batman games in the past, but none of them was especially good in my opinion. It was when Rocksteady made Batman: Arkham Asylum I played my first good Batman game. And boy I really enjoyed it!
While I also do like Arkham City and Arkham Origins. As I said Arkham Asylum was the first game that I thought that did Batman justice. The presentation of Batman, the designs of the villains. Everything feels top notch! I am so looking forward to Batman: Arkham Knight.


I’m a big fan of The Legend of Zelda series and I’ve always wondered why no one besides Nintendo could make really good adventure games like that. It seemed like no one ever really tried, until Darksiders! It has the elements of a TLOZ game and is set in a post apocalyptic future (meh), but it is a really great game. Of course it has its own problems like every game does, but this is still the closes thing to a 3D Zelda game, that isn’t a Zelda game and that isn’t on a Nintendo console. If you haven’t played a single Zelda game BTW, go do it now!

Lollipop Chainsaw

Now a lot of people will probably look at me and go WTF!? But this game is awesome! It has it all! Humor, music, zombies, foul language, and a hot babe with a fucking chainsaw (swing). The story is whacked and the whole game is just crazy, but that’s the reason I like it, and it has really good music! The zombie bosses in the game all have their own music style, for example, we have the viking metal boss Vikke. Voiced by Michael Rooker, badass! And the games script is written by James Gunn who directed Marvel’s, The Guardians of the Galaxy. I had a ton of fun with and at this game, I really do love this game.

Tales of Graces f

While the PS3 has gotten a bunch of awesome Tales of games, of all that are released in the west my favorite is… Dare I say it? Tales of Graces f. The characters are not the best, I’ll admit that. But I still like them and the world they live in and I really love the combat! Out of all the Tales of games, this is probably one of my favorite when it comes to combat. It was a blast playing! So much that I actually cleared the game three times! And I got the platinum trophie from the game. Love it, like it, hate it. Do what you must, I love it.

Uncharted 2

The first and third Uncharted games are also great, but it was the second game I found to be the best. The one I enjoyed more. Good villain, good story and I loved the environments. It had a great cinematic feel to it and was my favorite game to be released in 2009. And it had a fun multiplayer, which I and some friends constantly played. We loved it! Too bad the multiplayer in Uncharted 3 wasn’t as good in my opinion.

As I started in the beginning of this post, these are just some of my favorites. There are tons of games I have enjoyed immensely. But listing them all and why, would be too time consuming and I’m not sure I can put into words why I enjoyed them all. No one has to agree with this list, but it would be nice to find more people who actually enjoyed these games.

Three games I really want in 2014!

I think I’ve been pretty clear in expressing my interest in the PlayStation 4, but what games are I looking forward to next year? There are definitely a bunch of games for current gen or should I say last gen now? Either way, if it wasn’t for a bunch of trade-in deals from my local GameStop I wouldn’t have bought a PlayStation 4 yet. Since most of the games I want are still coming out on PlayStation 3, so I still have a lot of stuff too get from that console. But I’m not complaining, but here are some of the games I am looking forward to in 2014. Right now it’s only games that has been announced and have a release date.

Infamous: Second Son
PlayStation 4 – 2014-03-21 EU
I love the two previous Infamous games and I don’t think Second Son will be any different! It looks fantastic! If I didn’t get my PlayStation 4 on launch day, I would have had to get one when this game releases! So looking forward to this one, hope the ”hero” Delsin turns out to be an okay character. The world and the effects of the game, looks fantastic!

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
PlayStation 3 – 2014-02-28 EU
I have really been looking forward to replay Tales of Symphonia, so this collection is perfect. It includes both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the new world.
ToSS made me fall in love with the Tales of-series, so I am looking forward to see what I think about it four years later. ToS is based on the PlayStation 2 version of the game that was only released in Japan, so we get some new stuff. And hopefully we’ll get to keep the real intro song this time!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2
PlayStation 3 – 2014-02-28 EU
While I am not a big fan of the first game, I liked what they have done with the lore of Castlevania. Lords of Shadows 2 seems to fix the stuff I didn’t like about the first one, like dull combat and a camera straight out of hell. I’m looking forward to play as Dracula and see what he has to endured since the took the mantle of Prince of Darkness.

Well it’s a short list but it will have to do right now. Either way it’s just one more day away from PlayStation 4 launch in Europe!! The hype and everything else is rising, you know what I’m talking about ladies. (I’m kidding!). Hopefully I can get some sleep later tonight, but we’ll see. I’ll probably be to hyped! XD

Some games I want #1

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
RELEASE: Early 2014 (EU & US)
Just recently announced, a Tales of Symphonia HD collection. Containing both the first and second game. Will be released on Playstation 3 early 2014 in Europe and America! YEAH!!
I love Tales of Symphonia and getting a confirmation that we’ll be getting a HD collecting and a confirmation that it will be released in Europe, is probably the best thing I’ve heard in a while. God I am looking forward to this, I just love Tales of Symphonia and I own both original games. But I’ll be so over this collection. DAY ONE!!!

Batman: Arkham Origins
RELEASE: October 25th (EU)
The third game in the Arkham series, is also the first one in the series. This takes place a few years before Arkham Asylum and Batman is still a rookie. It’s not being developed by Rocksteady either, but I have faith that the new developers will make a good game. I enjoyed the other too Arkham games, so of course I am looking forward to this game too.

Saints Row IV
RELEASE: August 20 (EU)
I loved Saints Row 2, its one of those games I’ve had most fun playing in multiplayer ever! You can search my site for old posts on how fun I’ve had with it. So of course when number three came around I needed that. And while I didn’t enjoy it as much as SR2, it was still a pretty fun game.
And now part four takes the outrageousness from SR3 and just keeps building on it, so I hope they improve the multiplayer to allow three people to play together in this. That alone would make this a super great game.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (To be rebranded FFVX?)
RELEASE: Who knows?
Probably the my most anticipated title with the name Final Fantasy. Its been in development for years and people are starting to question if we’ll ever see it. There are various rumors around the game. One says it will be rebranded into Final Fantasy XV (15) which I personally think is a smart plan, get rid of it’s ties with FFXIII and can make it feel somewhat fresh again. It’s also said it has jumped platform, from being a PS3 exclusive to now be a PS4 exclusive, makes sense. Either way, this coming E3 will hopefully bring some light on the situation.

Ducktales Remastered
RELEASE: Sometime this summer
A remastered version of a game I loved as a kid, that looks like the TV-show I loved as a kid. With voices from the show. Where do I sign up!? When this was announced I could hardly believe my eyes, OMG!
There will be some other new stuff in the game too, like you are able to visit Scrooges vault and take a swim in all that money. A new introduction level I think, either way this is one classic I really want to play again. A shame that it will probably be beaten within two hours.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix
RELEASE: September 13th (EU)
Hehe, this list is filled with many old games in new packages isn’t it? But there are some new stuff for us in Europe in this Kingdom Hearts collection. We’ll get the previously unreleased PS2 version of Chain of Memories and we will be getting the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 1. That alone is awesome! And with the improved camera and controls in the game, this will be a pleasure to play again.

The next generation
Later this year we will enter the 8th(?) generation of game consoles and hopefully it will bring with it a bunch of new and fun stuff. Not to much motion controllers I hope, unless they are better than what has been and you use it for something fun. Well Microsoft in my opinion has already dropped the ball with this no used game stuff, or borrow from friends.
I can honestly say without borrowing a few games from my friends there are certain game-series I would never have played myself. Or missed because they initially didn’t interest me. I sure hope Sony doesn’t go the same way, then the future would be very sad. But I am still looking forward to the games, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will announce at E3. I think this could be the best E3 we’ve had in a while, I think this is also my 7 year watching E3 live. Its a tradition for me now, I will not miss it!

The games of 2012

Not much left of 2012! Who knew we would get here, seeing as the world ended seven days ago. Hahaha, mmm! Yeah! Well, for me 2012 has been a year of disappointing games. Or rather perhaps not disappointing games, but rather lack of games that has made me really excited. And of course this list is only for game that came out this year in America or Europe, I’ve played a few older games this year too. But I won’t list them here. If you want too see them, check out my ”Games I’ve beaten” section. Oh, and I will only be posting two games in each categories. Mostly since there haven’t been so many good games for me this year.


Tales of Graces f

A game I waited a long time for and probably is my favorite game of the whole year, it didn’t disappoint me the slightest. I am even on my second round of the game right now and I’m a person who rarely replays RPGs, so for me that’s saying a whole lot of how much I like the game. And its even more fun now, since I understand its system much more now than the first playthrough.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Hilarious, Sexy, Funny, Humor, Movie references, Great Soundtrack, Zombies, Cheerleaders, Black Magic, Badass, Music styles, Parodies, Juliet, Lollipops, Pervy I could probably think of more fitting ”tags” to post about this game. I really, really enjoyed it. Play it if you get the chance and like these kinds of games.



Darksiders II

The sequel to one of the best games I played 2010, so of course I was hyped. But boy, did I get slapped in the face. Death as a character is cool and I love his voice, so awesome and really fitting. But the world is boring, large and filled with empty space. The bosses in the game had no charm what so ever, at least in Darksiders 1 they had dialogue and felt like characters. In DS2 they just feel like bigger tougher monsters, that are in no way special. I think there are two-three exceptions. I do like the loot system and the ability to change costume, but those are a few pluses short. No, sir. This is a big disappointment for me.

Gravity Rush

People are probably going to dislike me for this… It was not a bad game, it was just disappointing. Since everyone was hyping this to be some damn super great game. I enjoyed it somewhat, and Cat was an okay character. I’d like to see more of here, but I can’t say I enjoyed the came all that much. Sadly. =/

All in all, I have finished 19 games through this year. And it seems like there won’t be much time left to finish anything else. And why hurry? I’ll take my time and enjoy my games in my own pace. Happy new year everyone. Take care and let’s hope 2013 will be a kickass year, for games!