DuckTales, woohoo!

I finally got around to play DuckTales Remastered today, I have wanted to play that game for sometime. Since I am a fan of the original game for the NES.
It’s still a good game, I really love the artstyle. It feels like its taken from an episode of the cartoon and I love that the game is voiced. But it makes me sad that they didn’t make a Swedish version of the game, would have loved to hear that. But perhaps it’s for the best. The original Swedish voice actor for Uncle Scrooge died a couple of years ago. =(
The the replacement isn’t all that great imo, but he isn’t terrible either. But he is nowhere near John Harryson’s wonderful voice, he was such a great Uncle Scrooge.

The music in the game is great! Love the remixes, I’m a fan of “The Moon” song. Even if others are tired of it, I still love it. But all the other music are just as good. A great game, that I really think you should try. Now I feel like watching the old show again.

Just thirteen more days left until PlayStation 4. I couldn’t make a post now without saying anything about that, now could I!? Well, I could. But I don’t want to. =)

2 responses on DuckTales, woohoo!

  1. The moon theme is as great as always. but my favorite remix in the game is the Transylvania theme. I just love what they did with that song. =)

  2. @ Hasse:
    Yeah, it’s great! What I was surprised about with the Transylvania remix is that they added a bit of dubstep into it.
    They have that classic WUBWUBWUB from dubstep and stuff, but it fits the song very well. And the parts with the guitar… Mmm!!

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