Something fishy…

I noticed something strange today. I tried to visit my old Livejournal, but it says its about to be deleted in about 30 days. WTF? Sure I don’t post there anymore, I just used it to see some friends posts. And I can’t even log in. Strange…
It would seem its been hacked. But why the hell do they even bother?
And why delete it? I’m just glad I had a different password there than I have on other sites. I never have the same password for any sites.
Always a different one and yes. I’ve checked so I haven’t gotten the wrong password either. So I’ve sent messages to the Livejournal staff and we’ll see what happens.
If it doesn’t get solved, I’m not sure I’ll create another account. So to all those who I have on LJ, I’m sorry. Hope you’r not to disappointed. =/

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