PlayStation 3 slim is real!

Sony has had their press conferences at GamesCom and what was announced? Playstation 3 slim! It will be 100$/100€ cheaper than the current version. And 32% smaller, looking forward to getting one. I think this one looks really nice, I like the design. Hope I can get one a.s.a.p. Time to trade in some old games and see what can be afford. Or I’ll beg nicely and hope some kind soul gives me one.

Here are a few more shots of the console.

PS3 slim PS3 slim
PS3 slim

3 responses on PlayStation 3 slim is real!

  1. I like the design too. As long as I get to keep my white precious one right beside this one. ;)
    Looking forward for it too. Maybe next year I can haz buy one of ’em.

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