Penny Arcade!

So I’ve been playing Penny Arcade Episode 2 on my PS3 the last couple of days. Just finished the game a short while ago.
Same dark humor as the first episode. I like! But it seems the humor is a bit more for adults this time, sure it was so in the first episode also but even more now. I think this episode felt much shorter than the first one sadly, don’t know it actually is shorter. The only thing I’ve really got to complain about it that both episodes are about useless to play if you own a SDtv, the text is hard to read, graphics looks messed up from time to time. So if you want the games, wait until you have an HDtv. I’m not sure I will buy an episode 3 if it ever comes. I’ve liked the two previous games, but they where pretty much the same game. I wanted to see a few new things. So we’ll see…

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