You think you know me?

Yeah, you think you do? Well prove it! Take this quiz and see if you are worthy.

Do you know Yazuka?

8 responses on You think you know me?

  1. Hehe, so how many did you get right?
    Well its understandable, we haven’t talked very much about stuff like this, its just been monstly videogames. =)
    Hehe, yeah, I’m looking forward to see what he scores. =)

  2. Yeah, that was good. Better than someone I’ve known longer and spent a lot of time with in real life. XD
    But your’s is good to considering how much we talk about what we like outside of gaming.

  3. I know you!!!

    I did your quiz and I got this:
    “Holy hell! You are a stalker! Or a very close friend. Is there a difference? Thank you. <3"

    I’m not a stalker but I hope that I am your friend.
    From mom

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